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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Imaginary Time F-41

Sh)( -- )( 34l1e not wl35e ap9natq developing time base between complex reality and frame of reference point ov e\\\/iew I send this to you listen to you mind inside you know you sound in total silence flite system touch eye taste noise of endless spirals into the nite of 100000 candles feel the flite lighter than air's either wispered the bells from passing souls...... look out the visions company sit round sit refreshing Time to Imagine Imaginary F-41 grows into another loop stream voices of the rainbow's end falling into the clouds of life and rivers without end rivers without beginning slipping into another power of 5334 less there be becoming into another way of exiting existance this sound OM AM MEM NEN TOAM Lam fash called ether way into no knowing i am thinking therefore i know i know therefore i become i view i i view you you are thinking therefore you are learning you are learning therefore you grow i become therefore i am i am therefore i exist i exist therefore i can do this this is what i do when i do what i do this is that ........ I love ......


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