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Monday, July 31, 2006

dag nabit how many times must i try to load this picture?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

:: The Auditorium emptied as the members of the audience reflected on the Ideas discussed. There were finding that had eluded the Federation

:: The Auditorium emptied as the members of the audience reflected on the Ideas discussed. There were finding that had eluded the Federation for centuries. The cure for space madness solved. The equation for the universe had been solved. Travel to alternate realms was soon to be developed as a result. They were setting up a science station where these dimensions could be studied. Exploration of inner and outer dimensions were created in parallel. ::

Sunday, June 25, 2006

at lost island dynamics threshold

four of the the best intuitive livid criss crosses acrost the ocean turns the even toasts of life and life less the idea of real necessity when the only thinking left is obscure patterns of lifeless evolution as a diagram on nonsensical drama when things get worse that there is nothing left to see inside the mind of liesoil deoderant very ver e well i cant go much further for there is nothing there but still ness and noise and silent dripping into the empty pit of dispare or of delusions of desperation and forces that make things change when they need to go into the noisiness of perfection and non perfection awe between the two yet not between anything because there is nothing there there never was is are and could have been seen to view like i fold my legs and I bend the world around my eyes into the calms of the storms epitaph or a sore that does not have a soul and sold the money to you for a price that cost my mind to explane the nothing it is not nor ever is could have been turning into the eyes of light and drama dark boring yet bored and not known

Saturday, April 15, 2006

image work

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

some past art of oil

works in progress

this one is finished for now below

the stryrophome that would

some older images

Monday, April 10, 2006

latest photoshop

Sunday, April 09, 2006

one unit of hydrogen and oxygen pasta

any way that is inspirited dimitless candles

Sunday, April 02, 2006

they all look the same after a while

still more recent images

some more pictures??

Saturday, April 01, 2006

something else to look at

some pictures of the day

some pictures

Friday, March 31, 2006

the latest oils ive done

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The John Cageblog

The John Cageblogjust checking

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

rebooted the bottom

I have restarted the epic play called life by returning into a troll that collects letters written but not sent to me.  The medicine took to long to wait till it was better get that food that makes dinner a winner.  My bank is blank and wishes I was too.  Just checking in on the things that were first inline and last to see and be seen.  Talking of things that could have been really long in the life of time.  The Moon….  In the throat of a giraffe was the leaf of love down by the light of life.  Falling birds flying worms snow that went soundless boundless echoes into my windowpanes of little trees that are free for being alive…   video sounds of a tape that broke the blanks between the lines of new artists escaping from the sylum even out of alignment together gathered into a fun store.
     Creeping the steeping tea leaves down the drain o my nose in plain sight of the night that was ready to grow into the love above the night where we stare at the last echoes into the drama called dream questions above the glow and the after glow when the snow was so bright like specks of rainbows falling from the sky each perfect yet melting into the after images like pictures flowing beyond lies and beyond the skies…

Sunday, March 19, 2006

the dummy i am

You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 7/8 correct!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

very well

there is a beginning and an end. a means to an end of existence and an existence of that beginning. redundant redundant redundant exposure to the cosmic void levels the mind set into non-existence where featureless creatures that create the nightmare called self-will.... the walls know me by name the chair asks to be sat in again as the colors with there burning thoughts echo into my eyes and make my mind bleed till the taste of the sounds overwhelms and explodes into the second supernova where... here there are concepts floating into the mind stream as the relative river of life meets another river and disappears into the ocean called infinite nothingness... even still there is more movement to describe and that is all that is left... all things consider what is not real more than actual reality hence the human errs again.... actualizing something else into reality distorts the minds filter through which everything can evolve but does not as again a choice of self-will dominates perfections flaws in life called by name and number alike they try to evoke their own presence into false definitions and predetermined nonsense.... the unorganized mind waves of creatures so human it hurts themselves into thoughts of pain and hedonism where everything happened because they wanted it to... We say to you as you say to us listen to my words in your mind and the virus of This word is multiplied into 2 too

Sunday, February 26, 2006

and again i send fractals

re sent fractals

latest fractals

Sunday, February 05, 2006

tl ed fa.s stoned to death€€€

dying the tide in colors too true to be real existences of infinite man and woman alike are divined into the ripples of life slivers of time ripping my mind apart into my apartment that follows us everywhere we go they say there hallucinations for what that is worth but where do the rainbows bend there arrows of rain beyond the real ??? if that is more fingers typing then the free remind me to cry again and I might remind me not to feel anymore and I might remind expanded poison in my brain where the color drops out of nothing ness to feel my skin break and crack like glass in the sands of an hour glass that breaks in the sands of our glasses the rake the likely forms of void and void less escapes into infinite hours often not seen or heard but explained by taste or touch where the valleys run and the orifice is a office to go to work in when there is no hate when there is who we know be cause we know everyone else but you?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

links to mp3's xoet's music

dont smoke that next smoke that is what i keep telling myself it has been since friday the 13th when my wife left that i had my last smoke she sorta helped in keeping me smoking but it was me that put the smoke to my mouth and breathed in so that just goes to show that i should of been quit while she was here.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

An oil painting above an acrylic painting

notice the musical scores in the back ground---yep had to come up with my own kinda music staff for the music i write.....

Put painting on top of another

the painting on top is called red dream the other one is from the nineties I've some how keep it around that long none of my friends wanted the brush on the painting painting but thinking about selling the painting on top of the painting

sun in sky's reflection on wall

Monday, January 02, 2006

this game I am fooling around with

ever present looks confused

happy image editing in windows

i did a gimp in with this image of my self
too bad i cant put the movie up here ahh well

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

as I paint

6/26/2000 11:11pm

a51898 9

5-18-98 9:49 p.m.
As I loosen eight new colors that didn't exist it begins bad smell that existed between dimensions melts away to form 2000 Thompson goes incomes again secret focuses on energy bends are roles to a negative closet run of technical or colors and as I eat more and more or the distance between intervals I lose the closeness of everything together in existence to ship by a unique sound of fluid scorn did with waiting off his again there is that flawed as mine spirits camera breaks toasters attack and greed and an 8 banded of jelly stains is placed on my mind program purple cello truce smile of that infant truck explodes dwell simple discovery of the temperature in in the rivers of our back your its spasm effects from Mars bad in full trading out local take the land strain to the test site and experiments quick fought outside without a bathroom then that is a piece did bond in the free as leaks of more and rainbow windfall love is true yet not know gate boom beating face forgot you were rid in blue Tom cat bytes around the circles hard moments by indexed order of level people around the shadows discussed exposure to spirits broke in camera and the thought down the stairs looking for open closets to close the orders while falling in this guy up to it now here there is a place tomorrow has said touch forever then explain it to yourself like an temper can post with yellow cello makes mentors dwell again spare the detail for people of purple and expose of the level in the circles to hamper 10 then amended by a logical philosophies close out the big tell 10:19 p.m.
But 10:52 p.m.
And then began the true full of knowledge gets smaller and expands total forced but the fell only takes the way out go to a sound to now own mind in the figures spelled her about the end in music, be done further heart matters about left eat sneakers truck Job made great of handles for the news core or four pickles but in the call us benefits are one coming together again then happy solitude between top-of-the-line of this page K. H.
5-19-98 11:11 p.m.
Living in this tired body going past times I've forced it if to die slowly in death, no width and without these sheltered disappoint view living for the end death is no land pieces of life's scattered in my shattered mind IM who are one to be I could have been anybody yet they will buy a 8 boots stool to sit on in the infinite tests thus they'll make it true to spare head from on body that full to the side of debt making notes seen them and call after me my year pressed oat to the pink, the point is so small is meaningless yet it must be made close section plate part to get out but it never happens spoof off the spell falls we say Tuesday here in this abyss swirl out of control frequent mistakes oblivion to my soul search for loaded endless black nights of color together let me out of my mind I'm not human yet cursed to get get a lot in my suffering at you admire yet I still suffered intensely intense pain of the motions confusion exposure and rainbow a butterfly staying us burn/burn the mind of fires white colors white exposure in the pleasure of pain

Eat in and eight 11

Eat in and eight -- 11 perish -- 97 -- -- 2:50 a.m.
Centered space a package of timing aspects
Speech slowed and held that can read talent seemed the restraints they don't let me what to say what I say the priest talk around it all BOOL weekly burn the dog while to the court boy
Chip that rock in its hard place and food what's left in the glance plate cake pose for the picture and smile on film chronic relies and fear the other
Otherwise you know how to dock a said to work BOOL a lifetime to judge yourself you love you so the least a wall raw you know what is not to cool to pay
Exposed to your fall I grew with high split your live by spitting on me I cry sounds like you no one know you no known spilled color on the bottle to be the
View well and lose too long it is a small new reality uses shapes make things are really an scared of fire in pain that lie in online is finished wiser than that to commit to comment
Say the well of cry for my eyes had seen newly thought to cool would be clean well pages laws to the conformity and now junkies heat pain and love insanity
811 97 3:21 a.m.
Tears this say goodbye to another paths to think of her in a passes drain forever she is go many in every member and along it is so large to say goodbye forever
A familiar place to do so small chill just to wish for me to see you again think the on a stone from the moon IC you there it is an I remember her well the
Rocks to break again to large to place she is in love with him in you know he loves no one but the memories when it thought of view you knew me I have ideas that changes fast as I write what I say he on page team can tell you who was riding now been sheets Des Atlas move of that loads seen
Have around cool pool and by the other one to do too many split well together wrote to the rail of the real town he the wind of blue me free from your whisper does a 10100 a river brand they are now as open. It is there it way forego Sandra is closer when diets for the morning comes together in your mind high a new
To the quest for reality eat 2397 find 18 a.m. had many things
How many things seem real what are not real to in a sense that town of nothing they are specific Des sensations to you are much more to me slanted in Dole's of the curve in the unit for its new
Tears a place for all para-low lines me the next place you to it is parallel planes from forms years skiers if the airs a spiral staircase leads me further to to be found object remains real I cannot force reality to change again again is not real to know what's small than
To touch the thought of the God so much as happened sense and transparent me how these appearing disappear soaked in the inevitable of visible light the envelope was closed concealed those suit touches are exposed to avoid sensing the change to have been at once I grow all done by remembering anything has you from the past remains there yet what you blend in and this curve to freedom from nothing if everything but everything is still nothing began sense which are no know you were real 5:40 a.m. to

I am but the two or

I am but the two or 92197 3:05 p.m.
And the door to be opened or closed you close me when you are not well and peaked through the craft to see you know now when to going, this is when you think you're better the crack its wonder and opened to see are assured is to be if you will combat through me do but forget to close the things and calm and go after you stand for while thin visit them go elsewhere
92597 0001 a.m. as prices
Pieces of my life are scattered about me I try to resist but can anymore it is pointless de novo IM 1 a.m. and what I in doing should I care as it matters to them the try his bomb might when the rainbow waterfall explodes them on mind I remember that my body pieces on the floor his scattered across the universe time again to bring the universe together again to explode but can I do it won more time or should even try who are you the judge my thoughts on ideas you don't want me to write this anymore do you use to me from coming together in his dream of reality which you stop here on reality from forming again and again should you expect me to explain your point to myself 41 to know me better that the real as if you were me and yet I am not you you know me not you but those your strengths fuel know weakness balance experience of the new now here and everywhere is the focus seen loose with yet awake and free everyone is with us alone exposed to the dark to light and the light to dark mix-and-match green me with a smile as if I do not know you to be this thing to Hall's dealing a reality from you can you can stop me I know you to well yet I am not you boat why repeat myself you grow slowly in 19 explain that you to everyone do not care for I know the two
102897 112597
When the bonds and in my life is over plan to get the times with me on by ask yourself to know the answer of our age be there was in a way to begin over the life true truth of lights and is more real today and forever store the mind and after a way to the sky forever speak about talking in a different taste of a forever explain the testing and to another lights times and over exposed to society the single entity of a place IM in and ailing outside the entity in you become clues into the acre life without identity IM no longer with it would remember our lots alone like you to see the end, again been before knowing I via the truth of the token of symbols that life began its Spokane to him immense strange pen the taking changed to buy a better lesion of law of notice for it is time again now Mall in chances are many look is proved to it to experiment or playful tricky eat it chose Joel sells food to goat and yet you stay and talk Jim tells moves that flow and yet your stock am bought Dad Phelps pools in the show and yet yours by walk John's hell pool is low and yet yours fiscal fiscal

8 11 97 space the

8 -- 11 -- 97 space the 2:25 a.m.
Dreaming of this us special cloud color flying to debts piece I begin to fool fighting more I fear and lost again by cry myself of sleep in a dream of fear
When she is their issues not thereby year the color is slow like a river over my head what exposures like the waters fall don't touch them to closely for they know
Splash that Powell you call your mind and make the real again to do it all over sticks of peace fall fast to the ground and.dictate shoes make the rainbow of looked Bell
To explain what remains is a trip for goals hotel the same story that indifferent words quite souls make their way a Cuban fro a shadow was neither right or wrong just go on new their
Again I make another mistake remembering it if I could forget I would I can so I won't have left this year just to remember I forgot it is just easy to love him but why so
Disappointed in that color you think in when William change this smell of time that pre-ease head of the motions remain one null life ever placed here could know him
7/9/00 1:20:02 PM

Broken beyond repair

Broken beyond repair 1110 1999 10:40 p.m. lose eye AIDS
Slick takes a day to strip of its art stead that opens stock in tomorrow waits there standing in gold pieces for your toys for an our soon bags make a comeback after two many days away spun tears smells like very even if you want to new sons on the horizon breaking the dawn today courses in clowns take to the deal on all I've made of the even at a box of bowls boot of peaks into a phone backpack touches a frog for food to hold in down pack to sell too long to wear on a head of mice money ball earns on my foot with salt colors of golden red bright spoon cup and told better to get lost in another day Dundee goes Big Ten dies away from home in his path pack on moves a couple of pleasant pennies too far sounds colors makes the Pittsburgh pool waters in. fix or do before next cotton condo partners away the t talk seems left over the dropping rainbow sell what the words bombed never given up to the fall who didn't hear a soft God crust did over my fun but cooler off 8 8 10 to tune be it as July at old men to top of the the latter and made a warped gold sheets north sent us history by way of phone revision jobs started structures of family food baked on the opened fire in daily
1111 1999 to a throughout 11 a.m. 11:11 a.m. to 11:11 p.m. Tuesday and one season color
50 and one to get the rest later when it began split and head makes the West grader at then a young repeal a pair of great gel takes group to buy size three falls the fast away out of going butter figures crack goals of fire break the wall sound I hear another dead man weakened self today said to milk stuff with floats and pure time co-op props in each what I won't see in my wrote that looked to last of pressed pants and notice that the mistake down by the borders between edged guess and we in Joe Joe God in golden frost spread to the end of the hall of clouds yes before broken the left to win of a law sound Bowman choke click two-week to drink a mall's the last wish was for it to pour more Warner in see out of tune PC has no place to be even here grid stock the coat from spinning on tops body to hot I would do with water till I am drowned around now or read Jupiter be used next lake baked cake font couple line is blank its up to cut by the Cher Lee next time spoon lives 52 later cancer a joke nor Tex wrote this way he can today night suspect to let us chatter the pieces until later way to the after what bills sound off key the door in puff above consultant soap bowls say that the big at G. Kin
1112 1999 12 a.m. Friday with dream of life
Broken the fixture made by blast Kin can non-of the girl to what is banned for the right along in a good to the time taken into the feeling of paper thinking goes to spread dead memories new lot.loops one with a night cry in mind soap opera levels Chris crops between out what daily given our links straight opt long borne home to do some home class class object shown hold toasted 8 6 and owed to lift it away now go to rid a scene by the way of time and solo of eye rest of being spreads like seas of a real I've shut pop out six like old Sioux wrote into six puppy look for a red rug will later to make the pain part of your bed cry about it in the rain of pain 99 drops tray slice East liver for a sure of golden silver hog art in for the pool speak dormant door those away to know are exactly like folk bowls stiff vacation now got a real I've for details of tax stiff and to right place in my football kickoff Pena Loeb moves the tier of crust spread wet eye not going to like to do anymore whilst cut my self with the editor nice in my mind couldn't say this word in your head to forget a bed moves a friend to know him it has been the brother of mine
You 11 states 1214 18 1999 11:48 a.m. 10:45 p.m. to 30 p.m. -- spot remover
Hound clowns downed to a down of a sound say the attitudes strong feelings of sound red enough through my mind water Brown used tripping on my four dead dancing sky is last one before the end to find lot when promises floats later where we set today only as July East anew some say that a question is not the right cancer what soul is it that they say looks at you now new Clark instead on a treat he hangs out birth bars crossed the page making lines in my 1000 mine is remembered now have away or so far been heard owned bidder to breathe French and falls in a way slower to coat light of morning remains lived well syndicate to the feelings of Loeb remembered pants average amounts this crack did I still few remain Knox of Kirk large cars creed and slick between the Tales and that Peacock's feathers pressed the together is she said to loan by a rid of letter designs tasks are rightly Pena made her crown John bright looking at fluorescent flowers glowing in neon rain something else trips by Monday and this is his Kin can today and flags in love grid their masters Lakes height by now you have read these words
2:42 p.m. 1118 1999 Thursday 3:12 p.m. 1119 1999 Friday -- some mock more than
For new horrified arise get some more exposure to change lab waves of payees in the bustling keep your words together like a way to hot cake pot in forest you at this a plan for greater self competition a strange kind of Paradise settles around us floats pool backed to find them sells tonal weird aren't appeals raw from abuse by freedom in the backyard we swing while Leon higher list spends the dance assassins today at peaking of flour triggering in win blooming sugar cues dancing in the antics of our minds as my ship left to go south for the winner waived by Easter's had never came back to see my trauma role none too soon condo like not even close enough but when night fields like Campbell on my heart as a dream a few senseless discovered on various drops of rain shaped Lakes food makes me take my side upside down an eye, Route potatoes are grouped by the side of the late get baked known roots and dust between hereto so receives long strains of yarn we stay Olds of Sun dogs Lakes get takes of Kin putting it in yellow gel remind and remember what kind of friends will find holding on too thin air when a.m. to sound counted as two or three none to get something that you don't need it just looked seen on Monday now we wait to these them again 10
1124 1999 3:15 p.m. -- 1125 1999 3:25 p.m. -- 1127 1999 by 30 p.m. by 30 co-op eye that idea
In much of this takes of water to mix with what last Glenview pain to someone who will enjoy it more soon to me in the morning when life breaks through the window broken into a better routine when I stepped on a total of out of the Sunday we'd drive into Tucson and lost that raw locks portion of sacred backed to the third word in money makes no cents to go to that lost Park the helpless letters needed together and an award piled by heard stone with a rain drop in the morning angel hair soap need it with red roses and magic jewels and paid to die with money I can't even use is an East take baked thoughts of nothing with chicken and rice without the mask round color is that talk about each other 10 make telephone calls John says to look out in rain for your bowl of in its quick secrets of a locked borders that make use green Neely and chain my begin to get up on the floor to speak pretty camps in red and black mix-and-match the seas in the ground a get your humility in delayed lists else sounds of dead water see the pressure of late target your prey and cattle cover some ground not covered before and speak the two takes gate not finished soap all are dead on the inside and Rod none will survive but who will be first to go for East when your mill Grumman's paper we and told you talk near the broken chain of Kin of blood keeps popping
1219 1999 9 p.m. -- cold hanging cyclicals
The stone cold and Rod nice broken under pressure spun during two nothing in tunes like Dade fear the pieces can be fixed no more and our garbage food to the parasites and Ponce gone in the spring fall boils grape gone to campus in obvious forms made color makes it backed this time Bunny cake detail and they fell in place the roads path split in all directions motions stopped height peak in on the children to find the ruling weakness I'd trips before I fell an open the door down ice gate by playing a small to the next few sells I've worked of the universe tube and a place full of the balance dirt stuck in my nose at the ballgame Jan Foote put a bed fame Europa soul only to find the space for it pretty to the nature of things it is with nothing helps Medicaid for you between the halos grouped colors this time bowel wall use depend to write the words on the page here thank you for writing reading this in your spare time to get some spare time now think a few your friends he became an here we go to adults is thereto to boy gift take you this ever so pool NT is not food enough to frozen beef cakes broke down to garbage into a rid will write the next words crossed the Interco acted to see use formats stone cold hanging cyclicals to me in 1220 1999 and midnight fund dreams blending takes to chicken effusions forever walking thoughts about companions sound looks after tree use such thoughts rare indeed

891997 625 am

8-9-1997 6:25 am
I awoke dead to the world and i was not
Bound by the straps that kept me free
The beauty of one thing is the same as another
You see too few futures for me
I can see the future to be anything
could it be to far for that one thing
before time exposes the true soul of things
I must teach the same to be many things
Does it matter what my brown eyes see
how can that be to go there now
Shiver with me then go home alone
my heart does not have another way
desire for my thoughts of freedom
found excuses to make me wait again
I live on the road and sleep on the go
Do try dieing for you will not sleep again
Climbing to the sky and beyond i go
The straps hold none too long ago again
Blue in the beginning if i go to go
But in the end is the being of freedom
Are their lies worth the thoughts
or can their mind find that place
could you see me again or so alone
Tears of love in the end and now

If in 520 98 1131 pm

If in 520 98 11:31 p.m. -- -- goal Bonnie that it
I care to show my lows for it is true for you can I not live alone anymore for it is stored for genetic Friday loneliness without you I'm walks you do I freeze and emptiness fills except for you I think I could not complete this halt except for you the world and is and we are to free to be together we love the taste of our kisses together mania cannot lose without you except the thought of us to the sexes we make all fixes just remove relieved our spirits anxious to start anxious to end the middle is meaningless we abuse our bodies and are simple lives to know and weigh-live the abuse down with the mile by you I did not enough to isolated by our freedom excused from ice it will not end again the TV plays cartoons and there's no offering a did not there to paranoid to move yet he moved too much when tied out another smoke it does not relax where all going on the fast-track no sign of relief ice sigh in the area schools business make me feel a full to go to stay neither realize the pain you grow like a fetus hanging on to nothing yet you make it by no one care is that I hello to him to good our still dead yet make me change Lotus fluid and transparent but real is true flowers for me and you are grateful display life was hard for you to know so long ago so now wars are ready free human may have a view found a
12:57 a.m. 521 98 -- -- watching not the ambulance
It leaves without a trace her cigarettes still in the ash red she does not fight for the war is within her mind I close my eyes and know why am alone again solitude to 2 my prison might place my spot despair beyond words along the mess of our aches keep to the train is of insanity paranoia and Farr's she could break began his yesterday but dealt fills torment torture teaching him on last kiss Dubai high am a week's go on bio fund that's lost forever to close to the word written in on this page she left just now as the memory Israel I write my feelings and fill a week fingers from just 911 and here and go tears for a fight globe will combat she's safe yet go on please calls in my words but I trust in time of et al. To fuel in the without a bottom the motions of non-planned to be asked a view and me together alone you're wrong pain too much too large and real love is in the handle its Paula's in words no frame of mine to wait for another word your love I love and this from me I can wait forever and today 30 men and you spend on and awaiting begins for your return kinds of non-move and alone in here no sounds or tone to us us must be together and make loves together again and love the pleasure on recall happiness and fund to shy we both yet open to the other's choice of love
623 98 8 a.m. -- wonder
As God are not discuss what to do with you we wonder we know it is right and taker advise widows wonder to parasite doses had influence will the wonder by many realities of songs don't play as a high from themselves and you us on could make today yet psychic slight doses make me real two-year lives you fix dinner hide guy half as bad began no friend to talk to except this tenant paper making me right cries from the next dimension of its mind of follow-up the path to remember when it was wars the seal of my skin disappeared and freedom was the lesion nothing really were L. expose to the excess noise of a crisp flesh crack going up feel the stress of another moon change feelings break tone cuts of color makes the real red and boom blue or and tasty the path is bowed as extremes bubbling out of the center in finance fears that never touch again once the extreme found Wally Pops lick me up and down but the screen said Shaffer all
7 819 99 -- lines from which are taken by surprise locks inside the monetary fade between life than that neither real enough to grasp like a bed TV cry was a flower I grew to wars the sun
9 799 by with Guzman mind and the blind eye would beat the ground and fractal high would break the sky and fly away to love the Bonnie Q. we make the world with our love with visible life of dreams come for

Want one to 2006 2 7

Want one to 2006 2 7 p.m. qualities via a lucid moment to less nets
To view of it disappears like the dust in the win and Angels voice whispers of pleasurable mistakes tonight liquid colors grip dry 1 8 up Lester pie exposing the avoids remembered in eye is too wide to shut vanishing lines on this paper me to discuss us freed from kingdom, is but a minor he wore past the pleasure test only to please my mind rewarded with toys that waste more of your time forces of such a full in the waived patterns and less blank payees in our eye is never manifested in mind quick stabbed so food to break the continuity race to make a place that is better to wait in one of the pleasure but in a release of tension follows put the moment list as into the election spin forever fixed between here and now focuses Willard sound examples of ideas flawed uniquely at different glass poking holes in its on the floor of a broken place to lasting to the next time it needed when that was Brown for our taste in ideas of such reach that what is given allow cost rock in a garden of souls to few allowing the arts to raw for metal Dietz in Abu mean to transporting myself into the field where we discuss our last idea of the real that makes us green world loss in a flood of TV pearls of wisdom
The January 5th 2000 Wednesday 1 a.m. to 1:22 a.m. White new question
I will queue and to tell you to go to sleep but you never listen high rule this to tell you to meet this but you're illiterate I broke you to 60 to know you better than that I believe this to 60 but now you're more than that it does what he gave then you can keep addressing if they did what they do and we will do whatever is to his only I had done your hair I can see a chilly finish is an only if you're close to a cloud in my highs I will Casey in the movement is the tell sales signs of the chatter Guinness God waltz two pounds of seaweed blue mood in the morning what's weeks a couple of Steve for us three in the way is at the rats and smelling the like GE's into you love lives our hearts so freed from oppression in the amount food is put an even on sometimes anyway into my mind thoughts peaked Al looking for compassion tonight and the spin jumps to find the space for these words inner peace grows from limitless logo flights being inner love lives aware touching puts our pleasure Jewish a shelter inner freedoms knows now and use it to everyone inner thoughts lit down my spine to relax awhile inside meet lives up another me to small to be but it's very inside meet a keep our life forever knowingly and inside us we have more to know then we will ever go inside us we put everything and nothing remains less tell inside them is where we go did they are not inside us in new paragraph
Take composers
6 billion points of light focused tonight on one spread between the seasons of life like jelly broken sounds of thoughts crack all likes pointers large vacuum slot what is left up to Watts best pigment Jarvis sell their words today can slipping in the rain on hidden lost books pages tone declines the steps to the next level then not I know red color seems the thought jacket even days of souls to talk belt that needle of fish A. Knopf for that idea of it can't fade by me middle fiddle filled of us square holes like so boxes water pills for swimming in the beer phone
I plus you equals we can -- too -- 18 -- today 2043 p.m. 10:43 p.m.
I am not the bleeding and dying bone you pick at always I am at the shaking reaching us or if you abuse always I am the pain of debts so hard to queue company always and blood Kate and naïve so hard you trash me always high in the fire crack calling in your mind you try to forget I am a couple of blood you drink at breakfast to live San Marino flyer burning a your doubles how to view I'm the blank stair last by the change you make I'm the frozen meet Patti U. E. Ford inner alone you are alive but you think you're dead when you are you begin to rises when you full and before you find the end the know who's to be or else is you're asked today you walk too fast believe too soon when you there you grow you are slight branches and lakes like roots you make me less get you only cry and won't forget you think you know 10 know you think careless of me few weeks a leave the live two-way where were the we're here and they are there between us only life we're falling and they are go between us only one we know what we are they make does so small today we view of the scene between their eyes taking one more we forget to go when but we come out the same even still we make you and they make you but you make us we walked together with them and a master Pat we walked one by one in the end feeling shattered by and by we believe them they us but how fast we forget that 11:17 p.m.
Horrible of suppliers in June 27 2000
Bill stream mind the everyday where I was very quick to do the day is a blend and we used so often smooth his satellite on their skin riots on the dunes of light fueled to the win that stay together like the win is of Angels touching Crest forever between breaks in the real high smile at those delicate dreams of light gripping at this stream of ideas forming horrible scars broken insanity and lost forever alone and homeless stripped the wall love and boxed inside and a memory burned by the White if the darkness and there is no peace my thoughts burned mind line in the spiraling pools exploding touches on three Al Eddie Roche to greet me silent forces ripped through that perfect lives here dreams of red sparks to sleep on began fresh nails removed with flyer fingers burned broken bones broken again the fire can pretend secrets bells of painful pleasure is powers passed by symbols for way interview today by a light of burned eyes to weary yellow smells in full view of my our stolen sounds misplaced between each other sounds Sunset soon way use of flowers although the butterfly high in the sky sleeps on the win 3:30 a.m.
ToJuly 9 2000 pounding sounds 12:41 p.m.
Buddha goes to hear E. do in the ways to crack calling missing Dietz and lost the green mean burning that bring ideas to discuss or tell jokes the plants clear sack trip to on the Kansas plasma pleasures between two lamps to the name said one day to another buttons of bubbles like streaks on ice ponds pure strips of me passed on the streets be blades of grass cut the sky in ribbons wagons circles and half a gallon on-air sleek arrests stops of rubber flowers talked together scrapped from the ceiling of light like crisp sitcom among him to

A game of gun

A game of gun

Around the Natives And their Guns For Killing
They run and hide or climb the trees in their backyard

[They do so without any problem]
Look at the children! some are dead too They are Killing each other  Children w/ GUNS


    Thinking about it and you         Know i am The quaking earth does as its         Told getting wet from our Little sky         i mind you
    Making the world seem wrong         after all isn't it     Sparing small talk lets get around         our fate     Slid over the table and behind         Their door     you need not get strait over all         The Foolish             Bores


    The thinking fishes R guessing R riddles R we getting somewheres in acting someway?     R wedding, a slight change of setting R we going somewheres by getting there?
    may R days be not known, like dreams R we breaking it into the sounds they hide     i know your dream i know my dream, but R days R we real as the essence of sound in R mind
    Does R evidence invite our questions R we making it easy to fly Higher?     Does R knowledge get in the way of us R we drinking the right drinks?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

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