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Monday, December 19, 2005

absolute farse

do not click link

look at the interpositives just really wild party like colors
listen you organic objects of life open your eyes to the sky
{{{money send money please}}}
perfect listless duldrums positioned between them and us
very well if there is no money then there is no more to say

still what is money 114,128 what does it mean to you any
grove of cloves in a whole lot o bushes that walk thru the
often enough to love once in a wile in my sleep alone tone
music sound noise volume white noise aloids but not even
pressing for time

numbers to count one like fifty and two halfs or even taxs
gripes about the give and take of "it all" that we dont care
plus the number of thoughts inside our minds and our toe
refused to elude a better belief in the absolute cute farse


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