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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Want one to 2006 2 7

Want one to 2006 2 7 p.m. qualities via a lucid moment to less nets
To view of it disappears like the dust in the win and Angels voice whispers of pleasurable mistakes tonight liquid colors grip dry 1 8 up Lester pie exposing the avoids remembered in eye is too wide to shut vanishing lines on this paper me to discuss us freed from kingdom, is but a minor he wore past the pleasure test only to please my mind rewarded with toys that waste more of your time forces of such a full in the waived patterns and less blank payees in our eye is never manifested in mind quick stabbed so food to break the continuity race to make a place that is better to wait in one of the pleasure but in a release of tension follows put the moment list as into the election spin forever fixed between here and now focuses Willard sound examples of ideas flawed uniquely at different glass poking holes in its on the floor of a broken place to lasting to the next time it needed when that was Brown for our taste in ideas of such reach that what is given allow cost rock in a garden of souls to few allowing the arts to raw for metal Dietz in Abu mean to transporting myself into the field where we discuss our last idea of the real that makes us green world loss in a flood of TV pearls of wisdom
The January 5th 2000 Wednesday 1 a.m. to 1:22 a.m. White new question
I will queue and to tell you to go to sleep but you never listen high rule this to tell you to meet this but you're illiterate I broke you to 60 to know you better than that I believe this to 60 but now you're more than that it does what he gave then you can keep addressing if they did what they do and we will do whatever is to his only I had done your hair I can see a chilly finish is an only if you're close to a cloud in my highs I will Casey in the movement is the tell sales signs of the chatter Guinness God waltz two pounds of seaweed blue mood in the morning what's weeks a couple of Steve for us three in the way is at the rats and smelling the like GE's into you love lives our hearts so freed from oppression in the amount food is put an even on sometimes anyway into my mind thoughts peaked Al looking for compassion tonight and the spin jumps to find the space for these words inner peace grows from limitless logo flights being inner love lives aware touching puts our pleasure Jewish a shelter inner freedoms knows now and use it to everyone inner thoughts lit down my spine to relax awhile inside meet lives up another me to small to be but it's very inside meet a keep our life forever knowingly and inside us we have more to know then we will ever go inside us we put everything and nothing remains less tell inside them is where we go did they are not inside us in new paragraph
Take composers
6 billion points of light focused tonight on one spread between the seasons of life like jelly broken sounds of thoughts crack all likes pointers large vacuum slot what is left up to Watts best pigment Jarvis sell their words today can slipping in the rain on hidden lost books pages tone declines the steps to the next level then not I know red color seems the thought jacket even days of souls to talk belt that needle of fish A. Knopf for that idea of it can't fade by me middle fiddle filled of us square holes like so boxes water pills for swimming in the beer phone
I plus you equals we can -- too -- 18 -- today 2043 p.m. 10:43 p.m.
I am not the bleeding and dying bone you pick at always I am at the shaking reaching us or if you abuse always I am the pain of debts so hard to queue company always and blood Kate and naïve so hard you trash me always high in the fire crack calling in your mind you try to forget I am a couple of blood you drink at breakfast to live San Marino flyer burning a your doubles how to view I'm the blank stair last by the change you make I'm the frozen meet Patti U. E. Ford inner alone you are alive but you think you're dead when you are you begin to rises when you full and before you find the end the know who's to be or else is you're asked today you walk too fast believe too soon when you there you grow you are slight branches and lakes like roots you make me less get you only cry and won't forget you think you know 10 know you think careless of me few weeks a leave the live two-way where were the we're here and they are there between us only life we're falling and they are go between us only one we know what we are they make does so small today we view of the scene between their eyes taking one more we forget to go when but we come out the same even still we make you and they make you but you make us we walked together with them and a master Pat we walked one by one in the end feeling shattered by and by we believe them they us but how fast we forget that 11:17 p.m.
Horrible of suppliers in June 27 2000
Bill stream mind the everyday where I was very quick to do the day is a blend and we used so often smooth his satellite on their skin riots on the dunes of light fueled to the win that stay together like the win is of Angels touching Crest forever between breaks in the real high smile at those delicate dreams of light gripping at this stream of ideas forming horrible scars broken insanity and lost forever alone and homeless stripped the wall love and boxed inside and a memory burned by the White if the darkness and there is no peace my thoughts burned mind line in the spiraling pools exploding touches on three Al Eddie Roche to greet me silent forces ripped through that perfect lives here dreams of red sparks to sleep on began fresh nails removed with flyer fingers burned broken bones broken again the fire can pretend secrets bells of painful pleasure is powers passed by symbols for way interview today by a light of burned eyes to weary yellow smells in full view of my our stolen sounds misplaced between each other sounds Sunset soon way use of flowers although the butterfly high in the sky sleeps on the win 3:30 a.m.
ToJuly 9 2000 pounding sounds 12:41 p.m.
Buddha goes to hear E. do in the ways to crack calling missing Dietz and lost the green mean burning that bring ideas to discuss or tell jokes the plants clear sack trip to on the Kansas plasma pleasures between two lamps to the name said one day to another buttons of bubbles like streaks on ice ponds pure strips of me passed on the streets be blades of grass cut the sky in ribbons wagons circles and half a gallon on-air sleek arrests stops of rubber flowers talked together scrapped from the ceiling of light like crisp sitcom among him to


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