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Saturday, January 29, 2005

pop you nogen blogen

so week this weak if i find myself again in the song of a bird singlin on edge of my toes as a taste of spunk funk creates late effects in invalid vivid beeps between the long lenght of time in my shoes the smell the size the drift singing rift smooth slow but hollow echoes in sight of the comming of the tow truck being resqued from complete blues rifts in the sand drifting sea slugs of boxing quebed space functions ever expanding in the same time with equal volume yet looks brighter than the week of weak trips to the dr that never went because i was too weak to go a weak later or still late in the smooth jazz funk bubble popen soda box of clean beeps between the notes i keep about time and its meaning to the fungus growing between the water molecules and one more bet but what is the use or how do i even use it to anygood anybody knows anybody how do you know yourself ??""+=+ must create must create plus equals plus less the difference of suggestion.


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