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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

891997 625 am

8-9-1997 6:25 am
I awoke dead to the world and i was not
Bound by the straps that kept me free
The beauty of one thing is the same as another
You see too few futures for me
I can see the future to be anything
could it be to far for that one thing
before time exposes the true soul of things
I must teach the same to be many things
Does it matter what my brown eyes see
how can that be to go there now
Shiver with me then go home alone
my heart does not have another way
desire for my thoughts of freedom
found excuses to make me wait again
I live on the road and sleep on the go
Do try dieing for you will not sleep again
Climbing to the sky and beyond i go
The straps hold none too long ago again
Blue in the beginning if i go to go
But in the end is the being of freedom
Are their lies worth the thoughts
or can their mind find that place
could you see me again or so alone
Tears of love in the end and now


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