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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

If in 520 98 1131 pm

If in 520 98 11:31 p.m. -- -- goal Bonnie that it
I care to show my lows for it is true for you can I not live alone anymore for it is stored for genetic Friday loneliness without you I'm walks you do I freeze and emptiness fills except for you I think I could not complete this halt except for you the world and is and we are to free to be together we love the taste of our kisses together mania cannot lose without you except the thought of us to the sexes we make all fixes just remove relieved our spirits anxious to start anxious to end the middle is meaningless we abuse our bodies and are simple lives to know and weigh-live the abuse down with the mile by you I did not enough to isolated by our freedom excused from ice it will not end again the TV plays cartoons and there's no offering a did not there to paranoid to move yet he moved too much when tied out another smoke it does not relax where all going on the fast-track no sign of relief ice sigh in the area schools business make me feel a full to go to stay neither realize the pain you grow like a fetus hanging on to nothing yet you make it by no one care is that I hello to him to good our still dead yet make me change Lotus fluid and transparent but real is true flowers for me and you are grateful display life was hard for you to know so long ago so now wars are ready free human may have a view found a
12:57 a.m. 521 98 -- -- watching not the ambulance
It leaves without a trace her cigarettes still in the ash red she does not fight for the war is within her mind I close my eyes and know why am alone again solitude to 2 my prison might place my spot despair beyond words along the mess of our aches keep to the train is of insanity paranoia and Farr's she could break began his yesterday but dealt fills torment torture teaching him on last kiss Dubai high am a week's go on bio fund that's lost forever to close to the word written in on this page she left just now as the memory Israel I write my feelings and fill a week fingers from just 911 and here and go tears for a fight globe will combat she's safe yet go on please calls in my words but I trust in time of et al. To fuel in the without a bottom the motions of non-planned to be asked a view and me together alone you're wrong pain too much too large and real love is in the handle its Paula's in words no frame of mine to wait for another word your love I love and this from me I can wait forever and today 30 men and you spend on and awaiting begins for your return kinds of non-move and alone in here no sounds or tone to us us must be together and make loves together again and love the pleasure on recall happiness and fund to shy we both yet open to the other's choice of love
623 98 8 a.m. -- wonder
As God are not discuss what to do with you we wonder we know it is right and taker advise widows wonder to parasite doses had influence will the wonder by many realities of songs don't play as a high from themselves and you us on could make today yet psychic slight doses make me real two-year lives you fix dinner hide guy half as bad began no friend to talk to except this tenant paper making me right cries from the next dimension of its mind of follow-up the path to remember when it was wars the seal of my skin disappeared and freedom was the lesion nothing really were L. expose to the excess noise of a crisp flesh crack going up feel the stress of another moon change feelings break tone cuts of color makes the real red and boom blue or and tasty the path is bowed as extremes bubbling out of the center in finance fears that never touch again once the extreme found Wally Pops lick me up and down but the screen said Shaffer all
7 819 99 -- lines from which are taken by surprise locks inside the monetary fade between life than that neither real enough to grasp like a bed TV cry was a flower I grew to wars the sun
9 799 by with Guzman mind and the blind eye would beat the ground and fractal high would break the sky and fly away to love the Bonnie Q. we make the world with our love with visible life of dreams come for


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