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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

very well

there is a beginning and an end. a means to an end of existence and an existence of that beginning. redundant redundant redundant exposure to the cosmic void levels the mind set into non-existence where featureless creatures that create the nightmare called self-will.... the walls know me by name the chair asks to be sat in again as the colors with there burning thoughts echo into my eyes and make my mind bleed till the taste of the sounds overwhelms and explodes into the second supernova where... here there are concepts floating into the mind stream as the relative river of life meets another river and disappears into the ocean called infinite nothingness... even still there is more movement to describe and that is all that is left... all things consider what is not real more than actual reality hence the human errs again.... actualizing something else into reality distorts the minds filter through which everything can evolve but does not as again a choice of self-will dominates perfections flaws in life called by name and number alike they try to evoke their own presence into false definitions and predetermined nonsense.... the unorganized mind waves of creatures so human it hurts themselves into thoughts of pain and hedonism where everything happened because they wanted it to... We say to you as you say to us listen to my words in your mind and the virus of This word is multiplied into 2 too


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