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Sunday, February 05, 2006

tl ed fa.s stoned to death€€€

dying the tide in colors too true to be real existences of infinite man and woman alike are divined into the ripples of life slivers of time ripping my mind apart into my apartment that follows us everywhere we go they say there hallucinations for what that is worth but where do the rainbows bend there arrows of rain beyond the real ??? if that is more fingers typing then the free remind me to cry again and I might remind me not to feel anymore and I might remind expanded poison in my brain where the color drops out of nothing ness to feel my skin break and crack like glass in the sands of an hour glass that breaks in the sands of our glasses the rake the likely forms of void and void less escapes into infinite hours often not seen or heard but explained by taste or touch where the valleys run and the orifice is a office to go to work in when there is no hate when there is who we know be cause we know everyone else but you?


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