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Saturday, January 29, 2005

latest creations in this time warp

as i dream i slip into another world of jokes and themes galaxies far away between us nothing we are there all ready to go here we gone long a go into the blue deep blue sky blue true blue echoes of nothingness intertwind with us and the blue waters that blind the mind in endless riddles of your life and my dreams inside the the hot phish dieing and amazed by thhis computer that just effects our reality organizes our minds yet infects us with new thoughts the ones that have come before there was the word this misunderstood word the made everything the thrown of light cought by evil live and well in the nothing that everything is without else it is become someway out of our mind into our lonely world the world of the lost souls the world of the new beginnnings the begining that never begins or ends but is with the growth of excited non real boys and girls influenced by things we will not type because i shakes my fingers are week and shakes still still shaking acheing pain yeah your pain is real in that sense but we know the sense you know you shine like lucy does with her diamond on her fingers still circleing with me and you and the ceiling i put in an envelope


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