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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

the great day of edits

there will come a time when my blogs will be edited for spelling contant and consistancey of course i dont know when almost did it tonight but blogged it instead that of course could be considered a falt but not a fault at least mine sss of coal and canary birds cherping away till there death in no relation to the last thought ive always wondered why the spaces i make get deleteedddd into the abyss of nothing ness ly crunch

avoid the void at all costs save your money for rainy days when you dont feel like spending it but never and i mean never bark up the wrong tree at a cat that has his shades on crooked or even shades at all of a tree that is wrong to tooo where the cats pajamas or the crowds cloud of smoke inside the sensors field of vision btw nothing in then nothing out as it is said around here and there and inbetween baken and eggs on a griddle of death burns my soars of flying kites cought in the tree of life where the goat eats tin cans and the cat eats the viper that told eve to eat the apple that told adams to keep it in his throat and grow from his mouth into a field of never ending similies


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