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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Happy Blog day

To day or not to do a day is the answer to rivers that flow up hills and live in the mountains of paradise where we empty the traytables for betting on the house races that move in our minds... and then there is breathing again I think it is over rated when do you want to go to the rising sun ... on the beach of life's echo laughing at our music that is not real native sounds too old to remember the rocks that beat together and the bones cracking times where 25 pieces of pain explode into karma and the dogma of reality fulfills our life's work like the blood the escapes through the pin cushion and acupuncture just stops the energy from leaking into the universe and delaying the evolution of nothingness
in the end of life's evolutional integration into something real that makes no non sense panty hose seem like a real meal. WE the people in order to get our take-out pizza on time have reverted to looking around corners and opening boxes that should have stayed shut in cans and in relaxed losted soxs that dont fit still but when do the boxes ask about the time ?? three thirty three where 16 crosses were draged across the land and even to this day i say under the ocean is the fire of life growing reproducing fire is life love is the fire of life life is not ever granted unless you be more than you do.
hostesty fakers make me dance well the truth is not know at all and at all there is all truth but who care's for you or me with our other selves that have no opinion on anything unless we let them for they are not the true selves but the false selfs who do not try to escape the mind of the universe who knows where they should be ore wich universe they should get back too.
this is Universe ninty four requestion to entrance again and angles of unknown
Phone quest now


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