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Sunday, July 03, 2005

I just remembered something

There are coffins filling with bugs ready to eat the dead the dead are eating and coughin smoke fills the air the sun shows the streams of smoke that make the place smell of burnt filters that never put out their cigarettes and let the filter burn in a lone ashtray full to the rim by itself waiting for contact a spark of light to deny the way that is real and true know and not blue but blown by the wind of love that never ends even when it does it starts again in nirvana over and over past present and later eyes the cigarette for there is no other smoke in the sky but clouds of cigarettes and cigars that break the breath in two in and out before and after inside and out without the bird of paradaze of lucid hands that fold the paper into a image of swan wings as it sings of nature and light that the crimson tide echoes of mountains pain of days gone by because there is real things that don't happen but think they will never escape the peace of chaos that saved the universe from Jesus and the other son's of God...Happy that every son in the sky of God that the sum of sons know the center of time into the mind of God...Resting on the sod with a cod fish dish micky smiles at the babies that play in the procession of meat packages that make me craze but you knew that and that was the reason why....


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