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Saturday, July 30, 2005

one another in another way

We go we arrive we are born to die they say what they want and do nothing till the void is full and echoes of sound ripples still I know that happiness is a dream that makes us pretend that we are pleased to serve the endless crackling sounds of rain inside our head aches where we can't breath the air or open our eyes to the too bright lights that burn our acid filled stomach we have to dissolve our food which eats away at meat and vegetables forced down our throat like a Billy Goat that makes an apple out of its boat lost at sea forever the days go by, making the ride of waves crazy and lazy long hard days again alone with no beach in sight where the waves wash the clothes clean that smell like the fish in the sea ... we don't learn we don't forget that place where nothing ends and it all began for the force of dreams poetry and the power of rational logic with vast expanses of empty parking lots that want their cars to come home happy and safe we take another look at mirror seeing the demons of my aliens enter into my body together at last the final breath of the model netizen in zazen using weapons of the tongue, letter, word, sentence where riddles abide by the laws of paradox.
bent on embers of life screaming with joy and freedom lessons in deaths end a bardo we go into the blue sky right by the edge of the universe where the games end reality makes a stance to grow into the dripping moon opens it's mind as the earth escaped the grip of a ship that is passing to close to notice the new born sun. A son of sun's son void of sun spots less is best said about the rest as I rest over my body I look into my eyes I dive in where I'll die for sure but the bardo pulls me into the real of it all falling I will, that is one too many times I've anded the and word as of course you have heard the absurd for now this email will end as i plan to edit, send, pretend once more I'm not on the floor of... but as in place I hide in the fire escape on fire again between the ice and light of nights day.


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