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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

a51898 9

5-18-98 9:49 p.m.
As I loosen eight new colors that didn't exist it begins bad smell that existed between dimensions melts away to form 2000 Thompson goes incomes again secret focuses on energy bends are roles to a negative closet run of technical or colors and as I eat more and more or the distance between intervals I lose the closeness of everything together in existence to ship by a unique sound of fluid scorn did with waiting off his again there is that flawed as mine spirits camera breaks toasters attack and greed and an 8 banded of jelly stains is placed on my mind program purple cello truce smile of that infant truck explodes dwell simple discovery of the temperature in in the rivers of our back your its spasm effects from Mars bad in full trading out local take the land strain to the test site and experiments quick fought outside without a bathroom then that is a piece did bond in the free as leaks of more and rainbow windfall love is true yet not know gate boom beating face forgot you were rid in blue Tom cat bytes around the circles hard moments by indexed order of level people around the shadows discussed exposure to spirits broke in camera and the thought down the stairs looking for open closets to close the orders while falling in this guy up to it now here there is a place tomorrow has said touch forever then explain it to yourself like an temper can post with yellow cello makes mentors dwell again spare the detail for people of purple and expose of the level in the circles to hamper 10 then amended by a logical philosophies close out the big tell 10:19 p.m.
But 10:52 p.m.
And then began the true full of knowledge gets smaller and expands total forced but the fell only takes the way out go to a sound to now own mind in the figures spelled her about the end in music, be done further heart matters about left eat sneakers truck Job made great of handles for the news core or four pickles but in the call us benefits are one coming together again then happy solitude between top-of-the-line of this page K. H.
5-19-98 11:11 p.m.
Living in this tired body going past times I've forced it if to die slowly in death, no width and without these sheltered disappoint view living for the end death is no land pieces of life's scattered in my shattered mind IM who are one to be I could have been anybody yet they will buy a 8 boots stool to sit on in the infinite tests thus they'll make it true to spare head from on body that full to the side of debt making notes seen them and call after me my year pressed oat to the pink, the point is so small is meaningless yet it must be made close section plate part to get out but it never happens spoof off the spell falls we say Tuesday here in this abyss swirl out of control frequent mistakes oblivion to my soul search for loaded endless black nights of color together let me out of my mind I'm not human yet cursed to get get a lot in my suffering at you admire yet I still suffered intensely intense pain of the motions confusion exposure and rainbow a butterfly staying us burn/burn the mind of fires white colors white exposure in the pleasure of pain


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