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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Eat in and eight 11

Eat in and eight -- 11 perish -- 97 -- -- 2:50 a.m.
Centered space a package of timing aspects
Speech slowed and held that can read talent seemed the restraints they don't let me what to say what I say the priest talk around it all BOOL weekly burn the dog while to the court boy
Chip that rock in its hard place and food what's left in the glance plate cake pose for the picture and smile on film chronic relies and fear the other
Otherwise you know how to dock a said to work BOOL a lifetime to judge yourself you love you so the least a wall raw you know what is not to cool to pay
Exposed to your fall I grew with high split your live by spitting on me I cry sounds like you no one know you no known spilled color on the bottle to be the
View well and lose too long it is a small new reality uses shapes make things are really an scared of fire in pain that lie in online is finished wiser than that to commit to comment
Say the well of cry for my eyes had seen newly thought to cool would be clean well pages laws to the conformity and now junkies heat pain and love insanity
811 97 3:21 a.m.
Tears this say goodbye to another paths to think of her in a passes drain forever she is go many in every member and along it is so large to say goodbye forever
A familiar place to do so small chill just to wish for me to see you again think the on a stone from the moon IC you there it is an I remember her well the
Rocks to break again to large to place she is in love with him in you know he loves no one but the memories when it thought of view you knew me I have ideas that changes fast as I write what I say he on page team can tell you who was riding now been sheets Des Atlas move of that loads seen
Have around cool pool and by the other one to do too many split well together wrote to the rail of the real town he the wind of blue me free from your whisper does a 10100 a river brand they are now as open. It is there it way forego Sandra is closer when diets for the morning comes together in your mind high a new
To the quest for reality eat 2397 find 18 a.m. had many things
How many things seem real what are not real to in a sense that town of nothing they are specific Des sensations to you are much more to me slanted in Dole's of the curve in the unit for its new
Tears a place for all para-low lines me the next place you to it is parallel planes from forms years skiers if the airs a spiral staircase leads me further to to be found object remains real I cannot force reality to change again again is not real to know what's small than
To touch the thought of the God so much as happened sense and transparent me how these appearing disappear soaked in the inevitable of visible light the envelope was closed concealed those suit touches are exposed to avoid sensing the change to have been at once I grow all done by remembering anything has you from the past remains there yet what you blend in and this curve to freedom from nothing if everything but everything is still nothing began sense which are no know you were real 5:40 a.m. to


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