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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

rebooted the bottom

I have restarted the epic play called life by returning into a troll that collects letters written but not sent to me.  The medicine took to long to wait till it was better get that food that makes dinner a winner.  My bank is blank and wishes I was too.  Just checking in on the things that were first inline and last to see and be seen.  Talking of things that could have been really long in the life of time.  The Moon….  In the throat of a giraffe was the leaf of love down by the light of life.  Falling birds flying worms snow that went soundless boundless echoes into my windowpanes of little trees that are free for being alive…   video sounds of a tape that broke the blanks between the lines of new artists escaping from the sylum even out of alignment together gathered into a fun store.
     Creeping the steeping tea leaves down the drain o my nose in plain sight of the night that was ready to grow into the love above the night where we stare at the last echoes into the drama called dream questions above the glow and the after glow when the snow was so bright like specks of rainbows falling from the sky each perfect yet melting into the after images like pictures flowing beyond lies and beyond the skies…


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