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Thursday, February 17, 2005

adding to the envelope

  1. learning new truths initialize one elaborate value of proceedure found skill learnt know to grow then mix with all the others into reletive ideas that express systems of form
  2. change parent kernal vast expance vary expance initialize two effect one intetexual formal mores avelvet kind minote copy copy expose blank mind white plastic source of sound effect in pressure in pressence present copy for we know the three and four fails to initialize the battle is uphill the fight is lost the battle is uphill and the fight is still no survivers
  3. science skips envelope topology in three five d vweeet where are they the two d disk evolves to cover for 3 five falling into the vat of what you wnat the whole of the disk we fall through chops to peices breaks the spinning rainbows sprial grip and the web of colors rips our virtual flesh like razors in the nite of our doom even still we press on and created the war robots that rule us game boys and girls


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