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Monday, February 07, 2005

yeah clake

  1. clake is seen with jets in eyes sponed one effort effected by the jellybean the belly of God in the very long river of life your in life your out of life it comes from us to you by we the three inside me inside us use us love us be us we are three we are 12 twelve 12 and then is the fifth of five point five.
  2. sick of now sick then going to be sick again yet onward and outward lost wards on the gateway to forever in setting suns and rising ones the two of our is us that love to put the sticky lables in the wrong places and move the cups and furniture where it should not go but despite that belie the lies crisp and clouded slow passage paths not taken forms not folded
  3. Ripped yet solitary and solid sounds of the cricket chirp trip up on the florite spheres of future ideas and crystal spheres of lifes near ripple in times slipping between the situations that become real but only in the mind of the sky box in repetitive rememberance of viewed symboles
  4. be afraid be very afraid they are comming the end is coming again circles of life and death and life like using your mind to know who you are then letting it go they are comming that is real they have come and gone they are gone i am here i am not there i care i can care for i do know how to be real
  5. i think the


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