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Monday, February 07, 2005

loosing myself in the abyss

rhyme reason bliss siting on a miss post of a box in the sky my mind is fine feel the echo chamber remember the poet xoet in a remote loke of pokes and peeks in a fire of my minds eyes into everything really real yet my thoughts make me less real my mind is grey matter explode my explode is burnt on the door of time forever with nothing changing except the lines of power perception and kind vivid valid void oh how do i know you void of time and space in the endless abyss of nothingness how are you true to yourself? rhyme and ryne rhy and sky like endless waves of colores in the dream of life that never ends till one day we forget it ended and still know it wont find out our dream of screems thank the power of echo shapes and tapes of memory broken and shattered on the floor like glass that breaks the mind and breaks the sky with a cloud that can never find its mountain to rain on or sea to be free in the river windes down the hill and a tiger still garaffi and ostrige of others and me you can see you can dream but wake without the time to find what is right in the line of echos or lego of the cosmic egg the came for the chicken called the rooster red and the egg fell off the wall of time in a line that the kings horses ate for lunch and the queen had none but a very wet bell curve of spaces that have not been explored on earth or in the heavens gate to peters place where the water scrapes the stones of time down to nothing the river takes it to the sea and they see the sand in a clear glass jar for it breaks again with the sound of running oil in the engine of my heart broken down from the years of fixes and elixers and pictures lost in the fasination streets of shifting curent cars and boats on my plane of existance that never changes ever changing in lifes eyes


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