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Monday, February 07, 2005

thoughts on now

  1. I think therefore I know
  2. I know therefore I become
  3. I become therefore I am
  4. I am therefore I exist
  5. I exist therefore I am real
  6. I am real therefore I am realized by myself
  7. actually this is not real just actualized
  8. I do not think therefore I do not know
  9. I do not know therefore I can not become
  10. I can not become therefore I am not
  11. I am not therefore I do not exist
  12. I do not exist therefore I am not real
  13. I am not real therefore I can not be realized
  14. I am not realized therefore I have not been actualized
  15. actually it does not matter what is realized anymore than what is not realized
  16. when do the numbers stop counting out my statements?
  17. when I stop making statements...


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