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Saturday, July 30, 2005

journal entry concerning smoking cigarettes

This will be posted in my blog and my daily smoking journal because there is redundancy about.
Today I did not smoke a cigarette and felt good about it. I also wrote an article for a new program called CHOICES that is about rejecting tobacco and letting ppl know that anyone can quit smoking. My friend Ken came over and we watched a Neil Young dvd from 78 re-mastered. He was so Young in the video. Went shopping at a food store and made a frozen pizza in the oven that Ken and I split in two. My friend Britta has been calling now and then and my wife needs a call right around now. well I just called her and they were outside smoking cigarettes wouldn't you know called a couple other ppl then got back on the computer we are planing a complete C Hard Drive erase tonight but my friend never came over because he lost his car keys... he told me to sleep and then call him when I wake up. but replied one more redundancy then I would think about it. Not much has change except my attitude today the moon is in Gemini and when i was born the moon was in Gemini so there you go... this will not last and this will pass... but for now I will keep falling in to my body as it is ... now I plan to have coffee and do the right thing that I need to do....


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