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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

mud in the river's run dry

still wondering if the trails end will we fine enough for the sippy drippy drops to try every wonder funny honey lips sychik girl world of hippystars lard and eardrops in my minds off balance and falling down into the abysisical ism of on and in between there void and mind I find myself again i run to myself again i can not hide from myself for i know i have everything and need nothing but this island called earth active C++ plus maximum spelling insanity as i really get down on myself for decisions of key presses this fortyseven year fix into your and mine realitys find us alive again pleased we have not a record of past occurances that take things as they are rather than change the things that come intensive when at nine=time life intense suggesting a case of basket weavers in the forest of life visually timed into the new and the old and the inbetween must read someones poetry for there is meaning of Romantasisum curated rated and rational simple fantasy lost as i type anything no doubt it does not matter what I type offically i will type what ever i want and just remember last x-mas as a depression spread grew and fell swallowed up by the test that life imposes settled by Jesus in the highest and God in the LOVE of us we reflect back to it i it he she him her it them their they that is feelling we know what we forget to include and include what we know we should not the song i am listening to the commercail music should go away i will no now not ever again put commercial music on my computer i will listen to my music is better more more perfect than any 2000 lightyears from home or a disciplined indisciplined song of commercial origen for there is not a reason to make money or spend money or buy or sell music what is music but the counting of time that dropped into our ears and breaks our mind into peices of lint and double dusted eggrolls of jelly morton a beagel these word look like they are spelt wrong and i do not care anymore if they are or or are not not that i could not take the time to change there spelling for your benefit but they are for my benefit to write not your benefit to read so stoped reading you need not know any more than what i can type that you can make sense of but then the virus of song is in your mind
I have change the computer now and put a reinstall of the OS onto it hence i have lost all my windows medea player licences to all the music ive put on my computer and now every song needs a new licence hence i will only listen to perfect music on my computer ... witch is my music not yours the music ive witten for myself by myself to help myself without the need of a liecense your licensed music is bad evil and not worth the cd it is recorded on...!!!!

I'll admit it makes me angry never to hear your music again but you have chosen to licensen it and hence making it worthless to me and time consuming to put it back onto my computer to play again since it is non inspiring uncreative and dull luckly i have over 203 hours of my music on the computer that i can listen to not to mention the videos and tapes ive made that are not on the computer ...


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