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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

a poet i wrote

beauty is just skin deep
your beauty is more than the skin you wear
your beauty is what you reap
Jesus is the one that sees the deepest
you know that cute is cute and
inside you are more than you know
pleasant to people and a friend to all
when you talk it is the touch of Jesus that is heard
of love and of life we know little than how
but of Jesus we know we are saved
and the Faithful are free to be
the ones that make it all happen today
may your days never end because they never will
may your life never cease cause it never will
we will live forever in days without end
where we have always been here and now
Blessed you are
with beauty far greater
than the skin you wear
and the color of your hair
remember this that
the glass is half full
as our life has just
started again at the beginning
now and forever everywhere
we see the road of water
where Jesus walks and
we follow as He holds us afloat
we eat the fish and drink the sea
where we go and where we come from
is the same as two rivers merging
as Jesus allows us to met when we do
be blessed
have a peaceful day
morning the lost at


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