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Saturday, August 20, 2005


a drama of drama's a deep dream today foreboding living inside the hide of the free in a tree in a kinda sky that has never been see because you can not see what I see just what I resemble and then as I tremble today in a way to weird to believe the spell is broken and an apple falls on to tell's head adhering the sound of noise and that noise of hedges that ruse the leaves that will fall no more and the trees that die today for their cries so deafening that I stumble into insanity lanced by orcas will that is the destiny today in the news written on a pizza pie that is littered with green lines and red spots tell the tea leaf lies and open the void into the other mind behind mine
distant to me time is not saved anymore but forever frozen together in a relief of gifts called the present forced open by dead war victims not knowing they were or we are in. vivid insane lucky I guess to die easily I have, no time crept for the door that looks in to the mirror of our eyes flashing and out of focus again. the cameras crept back to picture where we placed some dye in my eye behind the cameras eye.
as a young child I hid in corners not to be found a game of hid and sought I was the monster and I was chased into the void with God we fought there hidden in air the ether of mythos with my weapons I designed to kill Him .. He died I had saw it through in the steps of life he was dead dead to me alone yet no one knew till now. till I came to know that we all knew He had died and I was the Roman with the sword they did say. and this is not a story I've made to understand but a past I pay for everyday as the pieces of the Ultimate Reality fall together between my fingers and into my mind.


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