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Saturday, August 20, 2005

ambition of U7ir

traveling too
a quest for the best
a find in mind
a life forgotten
when we see our dream
juxtapose the fire
mousetraps the dragon
it screams like hell
smoking a group of souls
pins that penetrate time
told of shadows without faces
poems without words
sounds of the sound of words
written in emotions but the word
is just a sound to hear free of meaning
disbelief of idioms alike fond of night
do you want to read more of this lore
I do not want this to be read none
of this... this magic fades the prophesies
exposure to the corporate rats brake my
questions into false truths untouched
I am a Roman but in my life
lives I have never died
roaming like a gypsy space runner
what is must is but what is it is not it
value your freedom I hide from you in the open
open in this is true I can not say
::smiles:: I give up my life and I lie
thinking of me as them I know ourselves
as poetry goes this instant is without
managed discipline doing nothing of anything
the ringing in deaf ears still inside
form alphabets of sound and specs of dust
here I leave you with this fix-tion I've devoured
locked in my memory of ideas I've known
assuming yet another person does as me
point of view why it is so bad in the now
and yet not success he is thought of as now
but it is different to see the errors when they
are not success but in the end they are better
better than my trust of Jesus my faith in you
Jesus within is divided into parts but not apart
these things of form and matter don't matter at All
All is void yet alive and well but there was a way
you are who you know I am also (all so) alone
comments on an interview of Bob Dylan concerning "Love and Theft"
The Earth knows no bounds


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