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Friday, August 26, 2005

upon review of the details plus more theories?

seems upon review ive put i and 0 and 1 in that matrix improperly but you know what i mean three things taken three at a time well that is three times three times three or 27 leaving 27 separate and unique points to consider during integration where x^3+y^3+z^3=r^3 and of course r is the distance in reality from the origin compiling and running the C program in a C compiler where you may not need some of the #includes will give you a lot of values for x, y, z, and r when we consider the fact that z is ofcourse imaginary one may be come confused not to worry humanity being one of the most violent species on earth will kill me before i will beable to explain the process it is very simple so lets keep things simple lots of things cancel and loop and intertwine and weave into the web of life and death and creation and beyond

and you thought i was going to discuse the negative aspects of the equations and there negative values well lets try lol cats are not as primitive as you think after long conversations and details only a bird could sing to me the evidence is in what am i typing this for no one reads it heck sometimes i dont read it a second time after it is typed and published...

so anyway moving right along four dimensions hence xoet 4 you might like to call it time NOT when was the last TIME ??? oh an how long was that last time anyway???? indeed we have thought of time as real for it makes us feel like we are doing something real thought is real?? the number nine of the last to reach ten spirals into the eyecells but only one then two then three we see the pinwheels of life like the third planet from the suns unholie blackspots that eat away at your mind till you fold the evil live into a box of numbers so complex that odipus rex makes mockery of the free and nieve

a light so slight these days of wane without pain ever said in my head and now yours the difference between 0,1,i is not understood yet let us introduce the negativation of creation ... lol

nothing nill void absent without

oneness whole integral presents I

unreal different unparted pleasurable [a noun goes here]

and so we thrive to divide into the blue blue yonder and wonder and wander when the nothingness is divided by the oneness we have everything real forever but if the nothingness is unparted into peices we have views from point outside of the whole and then beyond mostly

0=1=i=r give or take a few degrees of sanity in this upsidedown world of primitive tecknocolor televisions where what is here now was always there then before yesterday was tomorrow and today never ends

a broken real to real in the pipelines of infinity ripping the last letters on the keyboard into a bord piece of pressure points viewed for your pleasure in the dream of life that oneday you wake up from and think you missed the point!!!


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