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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

8 11 97 space the

8 -- 11 -- 97 space the 2:25 a.m.
Dreaming of this us special cloud color flying to debts piece I begin to fool fighting more I fear and lost again by cry myself of sleep in a dream of fear
When she is their issues not thereby year the color is slow like a river over my head what exposures like the waters fall don't touch them to closely for they know
Splash that Powell you call your mind and make the real again to do it all over sticks of peace fall fast to the ground and.dictate shoes make the rainbow of looked Bell
To explain what remains is a trip for goals hotel the same story that indifferent words quite souls make their way a Cuban fro a shadow was neither right or wrong just go on new their
Again I make another mistake remembering it if I could forget I would I can so I won't have left this year just to remember I forgot it is just easy to love him but why so
Disappointed in that color you think in when William change this smell of time that pre-ease head of the motions remain one null life ever placed here could know him
7/9/00 1:20:02 PM


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