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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Broken beyond repair

Broken beyond repair 1110 1999 10:40 p.m. lose eye AIDS
Slick takes a day to strip of its art stead that opens stock in tomorrow waits there standing in gold pieces for your toys for an our soon bags make a comeback after two many days away spun tears smells like very even if you want to new sons on the horizon breaking the dawn today courses in clowns take to the deal on all I've made of the even at a box of bowls boot of peaks into a phone backpack touches a frog for food to hold in down pack to sell too long to wear on a head of mice money ball earns on my foot with salt colors of golden red bright spoon cup and told better to get lost in another day Dundee goes Big Ten dies away from home in his path pack on moves a couple of pleasant pennies too far sounds colors makes the Pittsburgh pool waters in. fix or do before next cotton condo partners away the t talk seems left over the dropping rainbow sell what the words bombed never given up to the fall who didn't hear a soft God crust did over my fun but cooler off 8 8 10 to tune be it as July at old men to top of the the latter and made a warped gold sheets north sent us history by way of phone revision jobs started structures of family food baked on the opened fire in daily
1111 1999 to a throughout 11 a.m. 11:11 a.m. to 11:11 p.m. Tuesday and one season color
50 and one to get the rest later when it began split and head makes the West grader at then a young repeal a pair of great gel takes group to buy size three falls the fast away out of going butter figures crack goals of fire break the wall sound I hear another dead man weakened self today said to milk stuff with floats and pure time co-op props in each what I won't see in my wrote that looked to last of pressed pants and notice that the mistake down by the borders between edged guess and we in Joe Joe God in golden frost spread to the end of the hall of clouds yes before broken the left to win of a law sound Bowman choke click two-week to drink a mall's the last wish was for it to pour more Warner in see out of tune PC has no place to be even here grid stock the coat from spinning on tops body to hot I would do with water till I am drowned around now or read Jupiter be used next lake baked cake font couple line is blank its up to cut by the Cher Lee next time spoon lives 52 later cancer a joke nor Tex wrote this way he can today night suspect to let us chatter the pieces until later way to the after what bills sound off key the door in puff above consultant soap bowls say that the big at G. Kin
1112 1999 12 a.m. Friday with dream of life
Broken the fixture made by blast Kin can non-of the girl to what is banned for the right along in a good to the time taken into the feeling of paper thinking goes to spread dead memories new lot.loops one with a night cry in mind soap opera levels Chris crops between out what daily given our links straight opt long borne home to do some home class class object shown hold toasted 8 6 and owed to lift it away now go to rid a scene by the way of time and solo of eye rest of being spreads like seas of a real I've shut pop out six like old Sioux wrote into six puppy look for a red rug will later to make the pain part of your bed cry about it in the rain of pain 99 drops tray slice East liver for a sure of golden silver hog art in for the pool speak dormant door those away to know are exactly like folk bowls stiff vacation now got a real I've for details of tax stiff and to right place in my football kickoff Pena Loeb moves the tier of crust spread wet eye not going to like to do anymore whilst cut my self with the editor nice in my mind couldn't say this word in your head to forget a bed moves a friend to know him it has been the brother of mine
You 11 states 1214 18 1999 11:48 a.m. 10:45 p.m. to 30 p.m. -- spot remover
Hound clowns downed to a down of a sound say the attitudes strong feelings of sound red enough through my mind water Brown used tripping on my four dead dancing sky is last one before the end to find lot when promises floats later where we set today only as July East anew some say that a question is not the right cancer what soul is it that they say looks at you now new Clark instead on a treat he hangs out birth bars crossed the page making lines in my 1000 mine is remembered now have away or so far been heard owned bidder to breathe French and falls in a way slower to coat light of morning remains lived well syndicate to the feelings of Loeb remembered pants average amounts this crack did I still few remain Knox of Kirk large cars creed and slick between the Tales and that Peacock's feathers pressed the together is she said to loan by a rid of letter designs tasks are rightly Pena made her crown John bright looking at fluorescent flowers glowing in neon rain something else trips by Monday and this is his Kin can today and flags in love grid their masters Lakes height by now you have read these words
2:42 p.m. 1118 1999 Thursday 3:12 p.m. 1119 1999 Friday -- some mock more than
For new horrified arise get some more exposure to change lab waves of payees in the bustling keep your words together like a way to hot cake pot in forest you at this a plan for greater self competition a strange kind of Paradise settles around us floats pool backed to find them sells tonal weird aren't appeals raw from abuse by freedom in the backyard we swing while Leon higher list spends the dance assassins today at peaking of flour triggering in win blooming sugar cues dancing in the antics of our minds as my ship left to go south for the winner waived by Easter's had never came back to see my trauma role none too soon condo like not even close enough but when night fields like Campbell on my heart as a dream a few senseless discovered on various drops of rain shaped Lakes food makes me take my side upside down an eye, Route potatoes are grouped by the side of the late get baked known roots and dust between hereto so receives long strains of yarn we stay Olds of Sun dogs Lakes get takes of Kin putting it in yellow gel remind and remember what kind of friends will find holding on too thin air when a.m. to sound counted as two or three none to get something that you don't need it just looked seen on Monday now we wait to these them again 10
1124 1999 3:15 p.m. -- 1125 1999 3:25 p.m. -- 1127 1999 by 30 p.m. by 30 co-op eye that idea
In much of this takes of water to mix with what last Glenview pain to someone who will enjoy it more soon to me in the morning when life breaks through the window broken into a better routine when I stepped on a total of out of the Sunday we'd drive into Tucson and lost that raw locks portion of sacred backed to the third word in money makes no cents to go to that lost Park the helpless letters needed together and an award piled by heard stone with a rain drop in the morning angel hair soap need it with red roses and magic jewels and paid to die with money I can't even use is an East take baked thoughts of nothing with chicken and rice without the mask round color is that talk about each other 10 make telephone calls John says to look out in rain for your bowl of in its quick secrets of a locked borders that make use green Neely and chain my begin to get up on the floor to speak pretty camps in red and black mix-and-match the seas in the ground a get your humility in delayed lists else sounds of dead water see the pressure of late target your prey and cattle cover some ground not covered before and speak the two takes gate not finished soap all are dead on the inside and Rod none will survive but who will be first to go for East when your mill Grumman's paper we and told you talk near the broken chain of Kin of blood keeps popping
1219 1999 9 p.m. -- cold hanging cyclicals
The stone cold and Rod nice broken under pressure spun during two nothing in tunes like Dade fear the pieces can be fixed no more and our garbage food to the parasites and Ponce gone in the spring fall boils grape gone to campus in obvious forms made color makes it backed this time Bunny cake detail and they fell in place the roads path split in all directions motions stopped height peak in on the children to find the ruling weakness I'd trips before I fell an open the door down ice gate by playing a small to the next few sells I've worked of the universe tube and a place full of the balance dirt stuck in my nose at the ballgame Jan Foote put a bed fame Europa soul only to find the space for it pretty to the nature of things it is with nothing helps Medicaid for you between the halos grouped colors this time bowel wall use depend to write the words on the page here thank you for writing reading this in your spare time to get some spare time now think a few your friends he became an here we go to adults is thereto to boy gift take you this ever so pool NT is not food enough to frozen beef cakes broke down to garbage into a rid will write the next words crossed the Interco acted to see use formats stone cold hanging cyclicals to me in 1220 1999 and midnight fund dreams blending takes to chicken effusions forever walking thoughts about companions sound looks after tree use such thoughts rare indeed


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