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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

paranoid delusions

you are playing a lot of games simultaneously
paranoid delusions
you are playing a lot of games simultaneously they are ganging up on you where do they come from what am I doing why can't I sleep

the shattered room keeps spinning again the three realities are breaking up apart from each other the realities are spinning in rainbows of shattered raining colours forcing my eyes to bleed forcing me to dream of the empty ex capes I once knew so well I am crazy I am mad gone to pieces broken pieces that don't fit together that never should have been put together in the first place there is nothing left to fall apart in the second place it still falls apart ... freaking out of my mind livid delusional traumatic dynamic cracks in realities that never mend but open further into the void broken broken pieces that make the phone ring the colours sent by wires that hold them in place the piercing metal attachments sticking my very being cringing with pain exploding insane the ashes of the darkness blocking the light spread to the never ending boundaries of all things real yet never knowing one another in the void of future lives I've seen this before a door to never be closed a door that will never open again for it was always open till the end.

will this blog post will I say hello can I say hello why does hello not work anymore ????


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