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Sunday, October 30, 2005

hey frank Im out of the hospital again

Frank, Linda
went into to the hospital on Sept. 11 2005 for them to remove my infected hardware that was in my ankle and cure the infection, well that happened, it took till 10-27-05 but they were able to do it the thing is they gave me a second infection via the deep IV they put in my arm(PIC line) where the original infection was getting its antibiotics delivered to this second infection caused me to have fevers and chills seizures black outs a fever of 105 degrees and an irregular heart rate of 150-140 beats per min give or take a randomness making it irregular in other words they almost killed me heck i thought i had died
Once the second bacteria was under control and gone my heart rate slowed to 40 at nite due to the heart meds they had me on but now still on blood thinners and heart meds im out of the hospital doing well the real question is could this be malpractice and possibly a law suit some ppl say yes oh and does our Lawyer buddy Dave handle cases like this ??? that is if it is a law suit and such????
if you want you can forward this to him and ask I've lost his email address and lost contact with him also....
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