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Monday, October 31, 2005

Mid blog crises

on a second thought there is no way to say what I have to say so I will not say anything but that would just be too redundant absurd and intangerinable then number twenty the number twenty-one the number twelve, twelve, then there is the twelve valvules of Isis and the thirteenth day of the year when all hell breaks loose from its foot hold on paradise need not the divine be inter-twerined between paradise and the heathen it knew so well begiled alive into the pit of linear two dimension circuit boards that scream to go three dee forty five echo cords closer connections quicker elixers of tonic sonic sounds abounded by the sky as we get small intoo few words to effortlessly display the arrays in trimentions and exemptions pre-redemptions where ever we really want to think karoosed by lies and triceptions void of false tempo bistortions curtailed into another structure where the doctor of confusion is an illusion the delutes the view of forever ...


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