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Monday, October 31, 2005

Showtime picture by Gail E Sauter

I have found something new in life at least a description of something I've done but not know how to describe other than saying I painted outside in the air.....Plein Air...... is defined as just that and is used to describe how a painting is done just the other day I used a word thinking people would look it up if they did not know what it meant and now I have found myself doing just that just before I was about to email the artist I may still email the artist but that remains to be done so it just might not happen as things are I plan to study her site in hopes of creating similar works in the future...... Yes that is her sites link as the title of this web log entry....... So I guess I must send the email to her.......

the number 214 comes to mind now

I've been doing pastels since eighth that is weird the way we spell eighth just looked up what it reminds me of

Main Entry: Ei·gen
Pronunciation: 'ī-g&n
Function: biographical name
Manfred 1927-  German chemist; awarded (with Ronald G. W. Norrish, George Porter) 1967 Nobel prize for chemistry for developing techniques for measuring chemical reactions

from the Merriam Webster On line dictionary thatAOLlpeoplel can use when they want to

aaaaaaaaahhh such commercialism

of courseIi found the site by looking up the words "just for now" in the google web pictures section and it lead me to Gails site but I like the "Showtime" pastel work better the one above "Just For Now"


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