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Sunday, February 20, 2005

forget my face because it is yours you must remember

love the things you know know the thinkings of your moment to moment the bus arrives the baby is small but strong have courage and go out ov your mind to remember who you are always forgotten things theapolis look at your expections recipt back exit do not lean back do not force pleasure it is really not important expetting expire dimensional discourse beyond limited futures have no way to know there end afterward

help the helpless give hope to the hopeless

through the window i see her the girl is faceless the glass is thick and made just to show light and nothing else but in the ssetting sun around 4pm she knows im there and but she is free and out side i am trapped behind the glass to here behind the locks of three three doors six keys two for each the locks of three doors she comes everyday to look at the figures distorted and shodowed are we i know she knows me not for i am a new commer to the locked spot ive found and know my sneakers have led me wrong the locks grow in numbers now five by two keys each cept one with three keys to open i try to remain sain as i can but find peace of mind unkind and alone locks on my doors for the ones that hold the keys never see my life as me the see me as wrong and they are there she does not come to window at the five locks keep even a figureless face from the pain yet i can see the sun go down in the windows layers of wire mesh and thick glass


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