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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

gut wenches the pal around

sppeedd fold ssppeedd fold split ahh notes sound notes spin speed round run dance spasmatic sage of the age pleasure the the ascied this is placid by name only would here to referance as a bill of the still janet and tony now is goonee so he said good by to me and my whay the fire is bright and then black fire is always bright and smarts layers ages pass down the steps of heaven up the ladder of hell 2574 vilete smells through the tellphone shattered at ya and diviteable singing birds like the echo of frost on the window sill silowetting the bed as it warms your heart with the level indication that we know this loop but the loop was lost in the envelopment of a development that could not stop and rest reason has it that it was a thought or a idea or a notion of opinion that excaped defining and beeing actually read here is were the class of typing emplays the earth to open out its mouth and take a bit with its eyes closed we see this then the boxed tv is mutated in to your mind your thoughts on tv your tv in your thoughts echoy between each side stareo careo dareo air prudence looks at the growning vine on the line of the kind bought flames touching us and at E being the first captail letter known to this sentence means leetttelll much but still more comes our voices controled by our toungston my watch is atomic yes in deed but that makes this interesting ah bowyerah daoure daoure the end is the best way to end the best end way too freeaaakkkkiiinnggg out of minds thoiy

i know not what i type i type what my fingers want with frew back stabs


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