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Monday, August 01, 2005

certain uncertainty

certain uncertainty how is this the way it is or will there be others like it in love of life of mine or our eyes burning with the tears of pain in vain and in sane vanity never suited my basket making knots of wood still wet with desire and dripping in my higher self that Elvis calls lonely street i meet you there and see you to care for we alone have left the rooms with out doors or windows and the body that too know not how to find itself left by the side of the road dead as a still lake of plateaus end where we threw stones so long ago a go to the side where the beach does not remember the waves its felt or the caress of wet touches that makes me free of you and you of me but us there is three while four does not know why a go to that past participial where it is simple into ones and in two there is gray today but just half as of half of that so on in there a go the song falls into our eyes like rivers into that pond where we shine the lights of day into the stars of night in cases of laced cloths that resemble and are assembled in to a go of snow falling in fall


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