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Friday, August 26, 2005

fourty four and twelve by twelve

three's and four's four found on the floor rising up to meet the sky light streigthening the mind for the sound blocks in loops sputter rutter run dry today again it is sent to ten then by twelve volume control adjust the touch remember the tamber force the course create endorse remorse for too much force of course that rambles and studders by mention of invention determined to remember the dream of the 27 dimensional freeze complete with contant power allowed to know the snow of ice to knowledge in a fridge border broken fast token...

dial the dupleganger create the fake take that path less taken for the veiw never changes and the circle comes full circle and the echo breaks the silence of the river of energy that weights so much yet nothing at all two by two and twelve by twelve revolve about the center yet the center has a hole as deep as the sky itself and empties into the eyes you can not see us there because we are not here graven image of difficult poisen as the posibilities promote the decay of the radiation into groups of lesser know thoughts in vading the touch that breaks the details of the landscape where the birds fly and say to each other pick me no me and the cats look to know were the birds cant go and the birds wonder how were they there back then in the ten's and fourty four seven come eleven then there is the twelve by twelve again a place so small that it opens into your mind with walls that hurt you too and a floor so hard it brakes your mind open into pieces of blood and a neck bent out of size or shape that we will not describe the scribe who lost their way in there to say our texture excaped the sandwich rap and the noise boys and Gods own rainbow cryed that day to remember herself with rapture and essences of eve and here Adam 12 is but a one adam five alive and well in the soundless bells of nite birds today decades go by and none of this is there for the latter to climb non to go or fly the


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