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Sunday, October 30, 2005

universal time during the age of new physics

most awareness Most awareness occurs during sleep then there is the waking awareness that seems transparent at first… then slowly it takes shape into what we want it to be but where does the awareness come from? Why do we have to shape it to our likings? Would it not be better if it were to just develop randomly without and within ourselves? Where do this questions come from? Who is asking them in my head or are they from your head that makes me want to write them for you to see and read and think about?? We know the answer and we know all the answers before there are even questions to make the answers justified!!! We know because we are in your head reading your mind know what you will do next and what you would never do and what ever you do don’t think we haven’t done it before because we have that is what I write about here in the blog of blogging bloggers don’t you remember reading this before I am sure you do because we remember typing it before just because

Sitting on a perch getting ready to join in the conversation a precipice of life the edge of space and mind bending and blending into the void leaving all doors open….. the bugs crawl into our minds because they don’t need the key to open doors that never get shut pleased with the ever falling ideas that… only explain the end not the beginning for we only what to to to but we have done all that before and are doing it all the time being here hearing this same song in my head

Chemical change in the waters of our lives the dust settles to the ground like rose petals falling from the sky into my eye into my mind I breath the same as Jesus breathed I see the same things that have always been things are real again


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