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Saturday, August 06, 2005

did you hear what I heard

How can I tell what you hear unless I'm in your head ... [inside your head now] ... Mid-august we can tell its so hot that even the pink perfect Cadillac that rounds the corner next to the blue Volvo package that stole the scene where long weekends start with driving off a few cliff hangers rated PC pretty good for my first face I stole from another soundless touch of fingers so soft they break little sticks to prove the sticks can break at a point were we go to the external situation of reality that offers no hope of escape from the tormenting tyrannical syndicate incorporating long lines outside noise uniforms with their toys and words that are sad and long to confuse the obvious over site of nonsense that can not read between lines of lite and dark blinking eyes of rivers of steam rising into attacks of the brain that make me insane.
those that died long ago sixty years deep. Remember Remember Remember the thin line be twine then and now
... This last word typed hurts my mind this last sentence makes me scream this last idea blows my mind in the world wide fall out of sheltered people making the stains on my brain turn to soup mush where there once was a world there is now a wet spot washed up in the galaxy they called the milky way oh forsaken truth that burns my eyes with explosions of pain and suffering for years and years ... For we know the heat of bombs makes the heat of the world increase and the bitter sweat of worked mines that make the bombs Madame Curie turn into dust where the ashes settle from our tests under the ground and in the desert with out a cup to hold the rushing radiation in its place but free is the radiation to be everywhere and effected are we who live in the nuclear area today and on forth up ward bound to the Italic's that never are published ... watching me freak out loud with the keyboard and my fingers on the keys ... The ever present emb


Anonymous LunarBrain said...

Dear Xoet:
I can shout, don't hear you!
did you notice that there are about 280,000,000 air conditioners in the United States alone?! Now thats a lot of heat. And how often I see air conditioners on all year around?! What do you think?

Saturday, August 06, 2005 3:57:00 AM


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