postings of obscure thoughts from the corners of the spiritual worlds

Sunday, June 25, 2006

at lost island dynamics threshold

four of the the best intuitive livid criss crosses acrost the ocean turns the even toasts of life and life less the idea of real necessity when the only thinking left is obscure patterns of lifeless evolution as a diagram on nonsensical drama when things get worse that there is nothing left to see inside the mind of liesoil deoderant very ver e well i cant go much further for there is nothing there but still ness and noise and silent dripping into the empty pit of dispare or of delusions of desperation and forces that make things change when they need to go into the noisiness of perfection and non perfection awe between the two yet not between anything because there is nothing there there never was is are and could have been seen to view like i fold my legs and I bend the world around my eyes into the calms of the storms epitaph or a sore that does not have a soul and sold the money to you for a price that cost my mind to explane the nothing it is not nor ever is could have been turning into the eyes of light and drama dark boring yet bored and not known