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Friday, August 26, 2005

fourty four and twelve by twelve

three's and four's four found on the floor rising up to meet the sky light streigthening the mind for the sound blocks in loops sputter rutter run dry today again it is sent to ten then by twelve volume control adjust the touch remember the tamber force the course create endorse remorse for too much force of course that rambles and studders by mention of invention determined to remember the dream of the 27 dimensional freeze complete with contant power allowed to know the snow of ice to knowledge in a fridge border broken fast token...

dial the dupleganger create the fake take that path less taken for the veiw never changes and the circle comes full circle and the echo breaks the silence of the river of energy that weights so much yet nothing at all two by two and twelve by twelve revolve about the center yet the center has a hole as deep as the sky itself and empties into the eyes you can not see us there because we are not here graven image of difficult poisen as the posibilities promote the decay of the radiation into groups of lesser know thoughts in vading the touch that breaks the details of the landscape where the birds fly and say to each other pick me no me and the cats look to know were the birds cant go and the birds wonder how were they there back then in the ten's and fourty four seven come eleven then there is the twelve by twelve again a place so small that it opens into your mind with walls that hurt you too and a floor so hard it brakes your mind open into pieces of blood and a neck bent out of size or shape that we will not describe the scribe who lost their way in there to say our texture excaped the sandwich rap and the noise boys and Gods own rainbow cryed that day to remember herself with rapture and essences of eve and here Adam 12 is but a one adam five alive and well in the soundless bells of nite birds today decades go by and none of this is there for the latter to climb non to go or fly the

comments i would like to have!!

A comment like "duh" is always cool gives me the impression that you have looked a little at my blog or at least that entry
a comment like "whatever" is great it means I need to explain things a little more.
a comment such as "get a real life and stop wasting my time" means you probably don't care cause it makes no difference to you what I type
when a comment saying that my blog "is not good" in one word or less occurs I will look to examine the commenter's blog.
when a friend or someone I know comments on my blog then I try to reply
if there is a comment from outside the touch of two circles then the reply will be conscience of the comments meaning and form and details behind such said comment

this one is called linear divergence Posted by Picasa

upon review of the details plus more theories?

seems upon review ive put i and 0 and 1 in that matrix improperly but you know what i mean three things taken three at a time well that is three times three times three or 27 leaving 27 separate and unique points to consider during integration where x^3+y^3+z^3=r^3 and of course r is the distance in reality from the origin compiling and running the C program in a C compiler where you may not need some of the #includes will give you a lot of values for x, y, z, and r when we consider the fact that z is ofcourse imaginary one may be come confused not to worry humanity being one of the most violent species on earth will kill me before i will beable to explain the process it is very simple so lets keep things simple lots of things cancel and loop and intertwine and weave into the web of life and death and creation and beyond

and you thought i was going to discuse the negative aspects of the equations and there negative values well lets try lol cats are not as primitive as you think after long conversations and details only a bird could sing to me the evidence is in what am i typing this for no one reads it heck sometimes i dont read it a second time after it is typed and published...

so anyway moving right along four dimensions hence xoet 4 you might like to call it time NOT when was the last TIME ??? oh an how long was that last time anyway???? indeed we have thought of time as real for it makes us feel like we are doing something real thought is real?? the number nine of the last to reach ten spirals into the eyecells but only one then two then three we see the pinwheels of life like the third planet from the suns unholie blackspots that eat away at your mind till you fold the evil live into a box of numbers so complex that odipus rex makes mockery of the free and nieve

a light so slight these days of wane without pain ever said in my head and now yours the difference between 0,1,i is not understood yet let us introduce the negativation of creation ... lol

nothing nill void absent without

oneness whole integral presents I

unreal different unparted pleasurable [a noun goes here]

and so we thrive to divide into the blue blue yonder and wonder and wander when the nothingness is divided by the oneness we have everything real forever but if the nothingness is unparted into peices we have views from point outside of the whole and then beyond mostly

0=1=i=r give or take a few degrees of sanity in this upsidedown world of primitive tecknocolor televisions where what is here now was always there then before yesterday was tomorrow and today never ends

a broken real to real in the pipelines of infinity ripping the last letters on the keyboard into a bord piece of pressure points viewed for your pleasure in the dream of life that oneday you wake up from and think you missed the point!!!

triplet integration

integration in three directions involves... first the basics

we imagine the three space because we have two eyes to view it with and combine that said picture into a three space hence it is imagined or imaginary thus three space combines the decarte two space grid synced together into by the mind into a three space we do this or each individual I i creates the imaginary space into three dimensions when we see or should i say when we create a computer that see's it needs to consider the imaginary parts and solve for them in the imaginary units this allows a processor and or workgroup of processors involved in the interpretation to concieve the 3d space properly for efficent replication.

as the integration of two dimensions is concerned it goes from x to y concerning a given mapped function that is know within that two space in real three space

yad yad yad what ever....tbc

this fractal is called grid fixing Posted by Picasa

[x] [x,y] [x,y,z] there of the dimensions we know

[x] :: 0=x
[x, y ]  :: 0=x ; 1=y
[x, y, z] :: 0=x; 1=y; i=z   such that is the square root of -1 unit
  forming a 2x2x2 square box four points with two dimensions the second pair
{0,0} {1,0}      ::  
{0,1} {1,1}      ::   being place behind the first and the lower second behind the lower first
thus we have 27 dimensions of triplets[x,y,z] in our 3x3x3 matrix
{0,0,0} {1,1,1} {i, i, i }    :::
{0,1,0} {1,i, 1} {i, 0,i }    :::
{0,0, i} {1,1,0} {i, i, 0}    :::
{1,0,0} {i, 1,i } {0,i, 1}    :::
{1,i, 1} {0,i, 0} {i, 1,0}    :::
{1,0,0} {i, 1, i} {0,1,i }    :::
{i, i ,0} {0,i ,i } {1,0, i}    :::
{i, 0,i } {i, i, 1} {i, 0,1}    :::
{i, 0,1} {1,i, i } {1,1, i}    :::
Of course this is only within this part of the universe

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

mud in the river's run dry

still wondering if the trails end will we fine enough for the sippy drippy drops to try every wonder funny honey lips sychik girl world of hippystars lard and eardrops in my minds off balance and falling down into the abysisical ism of on and in between there void and mind I find myself again i run to myself again i can not hide from myself for i know i have everything and need nothing but this island called earth active C++ plus maximum spelling insanity as i really get down on myself for decisions of key presses this fortyseven year fix into your and mine realitys find us alive again pleased we have not a record of past occurances that take things as they are rather than change the things that come intensive when at nine=time life intense suggesting a case of basket weavers in the forest of life visually timed into the new and the old and the inbetween must read someones poetry for there is meaning of Romantasisum curated rated and rational simple fantasy lost as i type anything no doubt it does not matter what I type offically i will type what ever i want and just remember last x-mas as a depression spread grew and fell swallowed up by the test that life imposes settled by Jesus in the highest and God in the LOVE of us we reflect back to it i it he she him her it them their they that is feelling we know what we forget to include and include what we know we should not the song i am listening to the commercail music should go away i will no now not ever again put commercial music on my computer i will listen to my music is better more more perfect than any 2000 lightyears from home or a disciplined indisciplined song of commercial origen for there is not a reason to make money or spend money or buy or sell music what is music but the counting of time that dropped into our ears and breaks our mind into peices of lint and double dusted eggrolls of jelly morton a beagel these word look like they are spelt wrong and i do not care anymore if they are or or are not not that i could not take the time to change there spelling for your benefit but they are for my benefit to write not your benefit to read so stoped reading you need not know any more than what i can type that you can make sense of but then the virus of song is in your mind
I have change the computer now and put a reinstall of the OS onto it hence i have lost all my windows medea player licences to all the music ive put on my computer and now every song needs a new licence hence i will only listen to perfect music on my computer ... witch is my music not yours the music ive witten for myself by myself to help myself without the need of a liecense your licensed music is bad evil and not worth the cd it is recorded on...!!!!

I'll admit it makes me angry never to hear your music again but you have chosen to licensen it and hence making it worthless to me and time consuming to put it back onto my computer to play again since it is non inspiring uncreative and dull luckly i have over 203 hours of my music on the computer that i can listen to not to mention the videos and tapes ive made that are not on the computer ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

very old fractal I made Posted by Picasa

a^2+b^2=c^2 vs x^3+y^3+z^3=r^3

we know the first 2d equation well heck we created a calculus around it but again it was very 2d in 3d we need a new calculus just as in four d also this is the workings of a teckno magi i hope to explain the workings of 3d to this planet earth and its ppl in order for them to continue with the workings in 4d successfully you talk of 10 or 11 dimensions but you dont understand the three you are even in!!!
when you listen to the thoughts in how you do things there are no more natural progressions and things are never simple
the multiple integration does not work with more than a double variable situation once in three space things break down as you will see there are ways to consider 3 gravitational forces of three objects at once... remember that that equation by Newton only dealt with 2 objects (side tracked now by local naming conventions)
in another galaxy in another time we were all there in our mind
if you know the three weights relative to each other (based on e=mc^2 (the final 2d equation)) you will not be able to solve their individual attraction vectors because partial differential equation theories lead to erroneous results when you do not consider 3d new calculus equations analysis (that will be explained at in a later blog)
at this point ive considered rewriting the history books to include three dimensions ie to the power of three and subsequent sin cos ext extsin extcos coext (exsin is the 3rd function needed in 3d the others of course are postulates there of) wait till the discussions on multidimensional travel!!!
I've always wonder why i never see 3d matrixes ?? or a matrix of matrixes to go further well this is for another time.
we need to expand all the equations in to 3 dimensions if we are to solve any kind of 3 d equation in a relative way
probably the probability you have invented is also two dimensional but I will get there too within this lifetime or the next few....
but following is the simple c program that solves the equation x^3+y^3+z^3=r^3 for whole integers the first 60 or so sets
/* filename: Some Now */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stddef.h>
int a=0;
int b=0;
int c=0;
int d=0;
int i=0;
int j=0;
int k=0;
char r='r';

for ( a=3; a<1000; a++ )
for ( b=3; b<1000; b++ )
for ( c=3; c<1000; c++ )
for ( d=3; d<51000; d++ )

if (j==i && k<61)

printf ("%i,%i,%i,%i,%i,%i,%i, *",a,b,c,d,i,j,k);





peace out for now
xoet 4.12

Sunday, August 21, 2005

soul interchange 101

mine on a mountain top mine on the ocean door opens the egg of void and girl lights settle ripple the in colors of joy intense out of time begins before I start to remind lobotomy a touched brain is not real.  Says this is still but moves off the river into that ocean in the sky dark with ever present envelopes read and green. mixtures of mistakes and processes frozen in temptation burning of desire and credence xoet moves for xoet is for xoet alone and in the end when it lobes are exposed to light the night will darken and form a line.   pans from side to right it breaks the sound so the sound it breaks slightly again    noise to note and the cigarette smoke.   

Saturday, August 20, 2005

it is the nite of the day Posted by Picasa

ambition of U7ir

traveling too
a quest for the best
a find in mind
a life forgotten
when we see our dream
juxtapose the fire
mousetraps the dragon
it screams like hell
smoking a group of souls
pins that penetrate time
told of shadows without faces
poems without words
sounds of the sound of words
written in emotions but the word
is just a sound to hear free of meaning
disbelief of idioms alike fond of night
do you want to read more of this lore
I do not want this to be read none
of this... this magic fades the prophesies
exposure to the corporate rats brake my
questions into false truths untouched
I am a Roman but in my life
lives I have never died
roaming like a gypsy space runner
what is must is but what is it is not it
value your freedom I hide from you in the open
open in this is true I can not say
::smiles:: I give up my life and I lie
thinking of me as them I know ourselves
as poetry goes this instant is without
managed discipline doing nothing of anything
the ringing in deaf ears still inside
form alphabets of sound and specs of dust
here I leave you with this fix-tion I've devoured
locked in my memory of ideas I've known
assuming yet another person does as me
point of view why it is so bad in the now
and yet not success he is thought of as now
but it is different to see the errors when they
are not success but in the end they are better
better than my trust of Jesus my faith in you
Jesus within is divided into parts but not apart
these things of form and matter don't matter at All
All is void yet alive and well but there was a way
you are who you know I am also (all so) alone
comments on an interview of Bob Dylan concerning "Love and Theft"
The Earth knows no bounds

the meek shall remain anonymous Posted by Picasa


a drama of drama's a deep dream today foreboding living inside the hide of the free in a tree in a kinda sky that has never been see because you can not see what I see just what I resemble and then as I tremble today in a way to weird to believe the spell is broken and an apple falls on to tell's head adhering the sound of noise and that noise of hedges that ruse the leaves that will fall no more and the trees that die today for their cries so deafening that I stumble into insanity lanced by orcas will that is the destiny today in the news written on a pizza pie that is littered with green lines and red spots tell the tea leaf lies and open the void into the other mind behind mine
distant to me time is not saved anymore but forever frozen together in a relief of gifts called the present forced open by dead war victims not knowing they were or we are in. vivid insane lucky I guess to die easily I have, no time crept for the door that looks in to the mirror of our eyes flashing and out of focus again. the cameras crept back to picture where we placed some dye in my eye behind the cameras eye.
as a young child I hid in corners not to be found a game of hid and sought I was the monster and I was chased into the void with God we fought there hidden in air the ether of mythos with my weapons I designed to kill Him .. He died I had saw it through in the steps of life he was dead dead to me alone yet no one knew till now. till I came to know that we all knew He had died and I was the Roman with the sword they did say. and this is not a story I've made to understand but a past I pay for everyday as the pieces of the Ultimate Reality fall together between my fingers and into my mind.

the latest fractal Posted by Picasa

get a life. Sounds exciting doesn't it? Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

a poet i wrote

beauty is just skin deep
your beauty is more than the skin you wear
your beauty is what you reap
Jesus is the one that sees the deepest
you know that cute is cute and
inside you are more than you know
pleasant to people and a friend to all
when you talk it is the touch of Jesus that is heard
of love and of life we know little than how
but of Jesus we know we are saved
and the Faithful are free to be
the ones that make it all happen today
may your days never end because they never will
may your life never cease cause it never will
we will live forever in days without end
where we have always been here and now
Blessed you are
with beauty far greater
than the skin you wear
and the color of your hair
remember this that
the glass is half full
as our life has just
started again at the beginning
now and forever everywhere
we see the road of water
where Jesus walks and
we follow as He holds us afloat
we eat the fish and drink the sea
where we go and where we come from
is the same as two rivers merging
as Jesus allows us to met when we do
be blessed
have a peaceful day
morning the lost at

Saturday, August 06, 2005

did you hear what I heard

How can I tell what you hear unless I'm in your head ... [inside your head now] ... Mid-august we can tell its so hot that even the pink perfect Cadillac that rounds the corner next to the blue Volvo package that stole the scene where long weekends start with driving off a few cliff hangers rated PC pretty good for my first face I stole from another soundless touch of fingers so soft they break little sticks to prove the sticks can break at a point were we go to the external situation of reality that offers no hope of escape from the tormenting tyrannical syndicate incorporating long lines outside noise uniforms with their toys and words that are sad and long to confuse the obvious over site of nonsense that can not read between lines of lite and dark blinking eyes of rivers of steam rising into attacks of the brain that make me insane.
those that died long ago sixty years deep. Remember Remember Remember the thin line be twine then and now
... This last word typed hurts my mind this last sentence makes me scream this last idea blows my mind in the world wide fall out of sheltered people making the stains on my brain turn to soup mush where there once was a world there is now a wet spot washed up in the galaxy they called the milky way oh forsaken truth that burns my eyes with explosions of pain and suffering for years and years ... For we know the heat of bombs makes the heat of the world increase and the bitter sweat of worked mines that make the bombs Madame Curie turn into dust where the ashes settle from our tests under the ground and in the desert with out a cup to hold the rushing radiation in its place but free is the radiation to be everywhere and effected are we who live in the nuclear area today and on forth up ward bound to the Italic's that never are published ... watching me freak out loud with the keyboard and my fingers on the keys ... The ever present emb

Friday, August 05, 2005

watching the real me

Aliens that hide inside my mind are so kind to notice my dread as they puzzle the muzzle of my dying life with it seems the many realties fractured and broken with shards of blue rays stinging my brain held together with stamps bleaker than this shirt I am not wearing. There is a texture about it a feeling that comes with pressing on keys that don't like me. Disarray the rays of blue clues to the thoughts I had last year. Very small, very large kinda smallness when things ride off in the night and points of light meet the free on a rose garden torn cut with thorns of life's desires.
modern art forms similarities of differences while the writen facts listen to the gray inbetweens that make matters worse with the pillows flat answer that knows no end. We travel from point to point with broken machines running on long lines that wait for days end....

Monday, August 01, 2005

certain uncertainty

certain uncertainty how is this the way it is or will there be others like it in love of life of mine or our eyes burning with the tears of pain in vain and in sane vanity never suited my basket making knots of wood still wet with desire and dripping in my higher self that Elvis calls lonely street i meet you there and see you to care for we alone have left the rooms with out doors or windows and the body that too know not how to find itself left by the side of the road dead as a still lake of plateaus end where we threw stones so long ago a go to the side where the beach does not remember the waves its felt or the caress of wet touches that makes me free of you and you of me but us there is three while four does not know why a go to that past participial where it is simple into ones and in two there is gray today but just half as of half of that so on in there a go the song falls into our eyes like rivers into that pond where we shine the lights of day into the stars of night in cases of laced cloths that resemble and are assembled in to a go of snow falling in fall

version one and rewrite

version one
dismal dismay I say today
I'm lost and the Frost is what I pay
volume's of balloons with misty spray
evaporate the ladders to a higher day
foraging in the porridge of three bears
she wears her bonnet on it
leaving me into disappear
i find and love and care
no lie ever so sweet and complete
that my love's ear did fear as
it is over and we part replete
because we know no where to go
rewrite one
dismal dismay say for today
lost and the Frost is what to pay
volume's of balloons with misty spray
evaporate the ladders to a higher day
foraging in the porridge of three bears
wearing the bonnet on it
leading to disappear beyond it
"find and love and care"
no lie ever so sweet and complete
that love's ear did fear as
"it is over" and part and replete
because now is nowhere to go