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Thursday, March 31, 2005

ahdite de follow downtowns nod....

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nowtet let worewrtd noakte s k s it is like tripping but it is perscribed jet nsono onst smaller wider not wilder the wind comes in focusing focusing loss focus words start to form again seeing things different words are again fragmented volume size weitgetw weight new world old world to fast too also too to be fastest quicker last yeant dievi ant solo slowly confused saratonen uptake delayed filler filler below the hyponotic traces trance through doors of perseption flat echos drippy colors

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

this blogger site is down i think but I'm going to try to put a fractal up on the site anyway Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Happy Blog day

To day or not to do a day is the answer to rivers that flow up hills and live in the mountains of paradise where we empty the traytables for betting on the house races that move in our minds... and then there is breathing again I think it is over rated when do you want to go to the rising sun ... on the beach of life's echo laughing at our music that is not real native sounds too old to remember the rocks that beat together and the bones cracking times where 25 pieces of pain explode into karma and the dogma of reality fulfills our life's work like the blood the escapes through the pin cushion and acupuncture just stops the energy from leaking into the universe and delaying the evolution of nothingness
in the end of life's evolutional integration into something real that makes no non sense panty hose seem like a real meal. WE the people in order to get our take-out pizza on time have reverted to looking around corners and opening boxes that should have stayed shut in cans and in relaxed losted soxs that dont fit still but when do the boxes ask about the time ?? three thirty three where 16 crosses were draged across the land and even to this day i say under the ocean is the fire of life growing reproducing fire is life love is the fire of life life is not ever granted unless you be more than you do.
hostesty fakers make me dance well the truth is not know at all and at all there is all truth but who care's for you or me with our other selves that have no opinion on anything unless we let them for they are not the true selves but the false selfs who do not try to escape the mind of the universe who knows where they should be ore wich universe they should get back too.
this is Universe ninty four requestion to entrance again and angles of unknown
Phone quest now

let us crawl across the universe

In a message dated 3/29/2005 6:34:06 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Hello,I'm looking for a good trans_universal transportation unit. Do you have the Mccoy self generating g series watch or similar newer models available?I also need other items you may or may not have available. Please send a (separate) email to me at: support@yirepopecom if available and let me know your terms on doing business.Thank youPaul

very funny these things i have but i do not sell them they are precious to me

3 keys to paradise

4 small black holes in stasis units for study after i have discovered the other three known miniature black holes within your universe.

I use most of the time a binary supernova energy system with upgrades I've yet to install this is contained in my ring of power and control

as far as g series watch i have the sub quantum m series with my personal signature locator built in.

12 series mem

this pic i took at the crack of dawn one morning Posted by Hello

lets advertise micky D's

right there is the show given the end and then the beginning reversed side to envelope desire more chemical compounds that are inerite and have less that nothing that is really an easter hang over the hill and older still water with a hung up school the never ending streams of music that take you nowheres BIG MACK attacts just cought in a long stream of ham burgers that open the mind to duck soup and area's never seen by the naked eye look at me and know. that is the thing that happens when it happens and not before you know it is real really real of course that is just one more guesstamite in a long line of reasons why you read this for me im not reading it well i might but really i would not and stop here.

Friday, March 25, 2005

oh the pain

  • felines cats green strange thinking about questions that cause wonder then experiment and research dna rna dan ran call everybody at once you broke the phone govern yourself know your mind Go home already the work is done fly's dead - died lonely
  • i am wrong again oh well it just goes to show and it will show me again I have no friend and i done gone and made it lonely for everyone because we are all everything we are and know everything there is to know cept what is in my mind and the Mind the heart and the Heart of heaven but then when you go beyond heaven to paradise there is no way back
  • back to here is ive cheated you again wrong Iam I not i am can not be

Monday, March 14, 2005

lifted and broken

Went to the next two levels and then back got stuck comming back but did not care broken down on the inbetweens even if it is odd it is not slite because it is ok forever today to wake up dead again like today was a dead wake up day unhappy sad no fun in the day of sun bright light from echo fountain to vivid stares the way is only up hill and all day i fell down the stares sat on the bottom of the pond and ate breakfast with the microbiotic assembliges that never see light just fight for a cause the is beginning to find it's way to the top of the cycle of life again sea enigmas might time there excape but never look back at the way they came to be pleasent effects quoted notes noted quotes et c cte cet teck redundantcies double time again

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

one above one below nothing between them

Normal Size after it is echoes in my minds eye's looks forced facts of spoken lies right now i hear there is an even larger force at work then there the tools of the triad know the symptoms of love and fear smiles at me looks the other way then goes again for not to notice the choice ive seen in their mind excapes the mood of lost tones in sweeping folds of rumbles inside music boxes and the water sounds return to remind me of my past pleasures and frequent mistakes and fumbles with life and death breaking the echoe just to releise the point
one day this will be over my head and i will not know what to think of it today i know what i think and think i no but not everything else there is