postings of obscure thoughts from the corners of the spiritual worlds

Sunday, June 26, 2005

very different paths going nowheres

Placid rivethars rip thru my veins of pure thought. nothing excapes the parade of paths that go from my peek to base of I an island mountain volcano explosion seconds to think of that which does not matter the wind says in its hot breath the end is near but i pay it no mind I go on the life with out end never ends in the end between heart beats i scrape my knee on lava's life of sin and pleasure over stated aches of panges into the due of morning following the silent crys of devils losing control of there minds viewing the dawn of a new way to die i lead a simple life to the end of times when the year 2025 remains etched in my mind of minds the next time to touch forevers doorway like it was in 1925 when we opened a box that never closed again boxes come and boxes go and boxing remains sole permanance of rivers of thought suck in my eye the windows three viewing puking i puked the devils soul into a box of random thoughts i puked my soul in to my bed and slept in it i breath air that does not exist. 8:52 PM 6/26/2005

Monday, June 13, 2005

getting it write

rivers run and the sun shines on the young at heart...shivers sheva in the night of light...veiws of chrysanthemum sandwiches shaped like the new moon...ever exploding all the time...ever dying in the moment to moment passages...flew to the center few there yet...going to say water is wet as rivers run wide and high...going to say the test of nukes quake the sunami...the earth revolts as the residents float...sparks that die where fires should berries for tea and three divided...particular choices and the forces of power set free...turnip soap to clean the aftermath...the next universe before this one was not to small they say...they say tomorrow is after yesterday but before today the end was...schedule the nebula trip to dip into the see food and its dinner...a river of blood as thought would make a bag gag on its handle...tonal discourse and divorce and sorrow...perfect placement in the basement cracks...water seeps into the sky around the mountain of peace...deliberate tries to make its soda for the masses of butterflies...water with the taste of a mountain in pain...hurt by eyes just breaking the yellow toxic locks...purple and blue ppl put peas in soup softly...