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Sunday, January 30, 2005


this here is the formula and the equation i used to get the fractal you see below

is this a fractal or is this that cross? I made a fractal but then this showed up. Posted by Hello

not enought room more space more space remove the extra details arrows of era in a new time with out the touch of the keys without the sound of the children ren still empty forest no tree to go anywheres cut them down remove my mind expose the hell of heaven exposes the heaven of hell but never on a tree you go to jail you brake universal guidelines to boldly go beyond that envelope by the roof and float over the trees and the seas the sky and me you are not free yet you are free in freedoms of the mind in mind out of mind inside out side of my mind is nothing not free see the man and the three trees turn to crosses is a tree becomming fluid for food a smooth excape from the value of quality price and texture of song sounds quality of experiences....

Saturday, January 29, 2005

out my kitchen window i look and see such things that be Posted by Hello

latest creations in this time warp

as i dream i slip into another world of jokes and themes galaxies far away between us nothing we are there all ready to go here we gone long a go into the blue deep blue sky blue true blue echoes of nothingness intertwind with us and the blue waters that blind the mind in endless riddles of your life and my dreams inside the the hot phish dieing and amazed by thhis computer that just effects our reality organizes our minds yet infects us with new thoughts the ones that have come before there was the word this misunderstood word the made everything the thrown of light cought by evil live and well in the nothing that everything is without else it is become someway out of our mind into our lonely world the world of the lost souls the world of the new beginnnings the begining that never begins or ends but is with the growth of excited non real boys and girls influenced by things we will not type because i shakes my fingers are week and shakes still still shaking acheing pain yeah your pain is real in that sense but we know the sense you know you shine like lucy does with her diamond on her fingers still circleing with me and you and the ceiling i put in an envelope

pop you nogen blogen

so week this weak if i find myself again in the song of a bird singlin on edge of my toes as a taste of spunk funk creates late effects in invalid vivid beeps between the long lenght of time in my shoes the smell the size the drift singing rift smooth slow but hollow echoes in sight of the comming of the tow truck being resqued from complete blues rifts in the sand drifting sea slugs of boxing quebed space functions ever expanding in the same time with equal volume yet looks brighter than the week of weak trips to the dr that never went because i was too weak to go a weak later or still late in the smooth jazz funk bubble popen soda box of clean beeps between the notes i keep about time and its meaning to the fungus growing between the water molecules and one more bet but what is the use or how do i even use it to anygood anybody knows anybody how do you know yourself ??""+=+ must create must create plus equals plus less the difference of suggestion.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Imaginary Time F-41

Sh)( -- )( 34l1e not wl35e ap9natq developing time base between complex reality and frame of reference point ov e\\\/iew I send this to you listen to you mind inside you know you sound in total silence flite system touch eye taste noise of endless spirals into the nite of 100000 candles feel the flite lighter than air's either wispered the bells from passing souls...... look out the visions company sit round sit refreshing Time to Imagine Imaginary F-41 grows into another loop stream voices of the rainbow's end falling into the clouds of life and rivers without end rivers without beginning slipping into another power of 5334 less there be becoming into another way of exiting existance this sound OM AM MEM NEN TOAM Lam fash called ether way into no knowing i am thinking therefore i know i know therefore i become i view i i view you you are thinking therefore you are learning you are learning therefore you grow i become therefore i am i am therefore i exist i exist therefore i can do this this is what i do when i do what i do this is that ........ I love ......

computer 897

signal envelope loop loop signal envelope computer 897 loop loop signal refresh loop signal 897 echo tool review loop computer loop echo 897 loop signal loop enevelope the X loop it starts with N dimensional space. chamber loop echo cool stares Picture the loop echo echo loop recursion vivid liquid slipping down into the film still slide echoe eckoel sleep tool find light vivid verse between another paint color foil fold cold cool blue forever