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Saturday, February 26, 2005

now not then again because it is the law

rhyme dosete less nothing is valid compounded daily by numbers limited by nothing everywheres is the center if we are infinite xoet poet proprelly jelly with after by now nothing is even odd you say

space probe box 3.512

  • bounce later foil the folded envelope push the batter in the mix of matter and either real stills preview then review now not now then again begined inside out of mind perfect peices of nothing that no one can see in the air in my hair in your eye's lashes with a whip of cream they like the color of my canvas the shape of shadows unknow now nouns are not real

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

gut wenches the pal around

sppeedd fold ssppeedd fold split ahh notes sound notes spin speed round run dance spasmatic sage of the age pleasure the the ascied this is placid by name only would here to referance as a bill of the still janet and tony now is goonee so he said good by to me and my whay the fire is bright and then black fire is always bright and smarts layers ages pass down the steps of heaven up the ladder of hell 2574 vilete smells through the tellphone shattered at ya and diviteable singing birds like the echo of frost on the window sill silowetting the bed as it warms your heart with the level indication that we know this loop but the loop was lost in the envelopment of a development that could not stop and rest reason has it that it was a thought or a idea or a notion of opinion that excaped defining and beeing actually read here is were the class of typing emplays the earth to open out its mouth and take a bit with its eyes closed we see this then the boxed tv is mutated in to your mind your thoughts on tv your tv in your thoughts echoy between each side stareo careo dareo air prudence looks at the growning vine on the line of the kind bought flames touching us and at E being the first captail letter known to this sentence means leetttelll much but still more comes our voices controled by our toungston my watch is atomic yes in deed but that makes this interesting ah bowyerah daoure daoure the end is the best way to end the best end way too freeaaakkkkiiinnggg out of minds thoiy

i know not what i type i type what my fingers want with frew back stabs

Sunday, February 20, 2005

forget my face because it is yours you must remember

love the things you know know the thinkings of your moment to moment the bus arrives the baby is small but strong have courage and go out ov your mind to remember who you are always forgotten things theapolis look at your expections recipt back exit do not lean back do not force pleasure it is really not important expetting expire dimensional discourse beyond limited futures have no way to know there end afterward

help the helpless give hope to the hopeless

through the window i see her the girl is faceless the glass is thick and made just to show light and nothing else but in the ssetting sun around 4pm she knows im there and but she is free and out side i am trapped behind the glass to here behind the locks of three three doors six keys two for each the locks of three doors she comes everyday to look at the figures distorted and shodowed are we i know she knows me not for i am a new commer to the locked spot ive found and know my sneakers have led me wrong the locks grow in numbers now five by two keys each cept one with three keys to open i try to remain sain as i can but find peace of mind unkind and alone locks on my doors for the ones that hold the keys never see my life as me the see me as wrong and they are there she does not come to window at the five locks keep even a figureless face from the pain yet i can see the sun go down in the windows layers of wire mesh and thick glass

Friday, February 18, 2005

even awake still now

what have ai become a walking robot off on off on blully erererer state of confusion baking moon cookies with mellow but alive aliens drift on drift on they say you know the was of the way we were like you you are now our past but not not really excape their grasp dizzy blinks again he has nowheres to go cept here and now so now is here where here is now exit the bone's of past leftovers before they kill yo ouuurrrr mind with slow poision from there foule oder of being in the oven for over 2 days the smellllll the touch no wash no wash touch sickie chicken death for 4 days

it is here have to go and use the supplies they have arrived yeah]

peace out

Thursday, February 17, 2005

adding to the envelope

  1. learning new truths initialize one elaborate value of proceedure found skill learnt know to grow then mix with all the others into reletive ideas that express systems of form
  2. change parent kernal vast expance vary expance initialize two effect one intetexual formal mores avelvet kind minote copy copy expose blank mind white plastic source of sound effect in pressure in pressence present copy for we know the three and four fails to initialize the battle is uphill the fight is lost the battle is uphill and the fight is still no survivers
  3. science skips envelope topology in three five d vweeet where are they the two d disk evolves to cover for 3 five falling into the vat of what you wnat the whole of the disk we fall through chops to peices breaks the spinning rainbows sprial grip and the web of colors rips our virtual flesh like razors in the nite of our doom even still we press on and created the war robots that rule us game boys and girls

yeah clake cont.

  1. 5
  2. 5
  3. 5
  4. 5
  5. I think the word clake was a mistake i made just to see of the mistaken clake was made wrong each time i look back it looks at me each time i turn over i see her him it it it it is this it that is a bit skitty i shake when i wake but only over a good rest or is that resturexion eveliblity vocal synthesis
  6. vanacularly worn to the bone with exceptions and over sighs split ions in the nite of a thought pattern probed with xg1 what is xg1 again i dont even remember volume control patter of comfort plastic noise ID
  7. by ever remembering nothing that has ever happened it does not ever happen by the way we see ourselfs there is no other way to too 2 of users like this relationship but sinking into chairs of condensed light the colors grow into a universe
  8. i ate the universe again and again still finding my way back to the cobble stones over and behind my minds eyes
  9. never bending into fluid never plasitite plasma or form or shape dead in my virtual world of endless mixtures between the e electric structures but not lama lamanated hello world.

presently there is a shower or two going on somewheres it is in sunlight somewheres not so nice and if it were or could it have been a shower of sun light that is sent we would know what it ment and who it was sent to see for you see the sunlight is in the letters that are typed as we read them in our mind us three me i mine be thyne of now or in time

presently i know the force of courses in the sky presently is see the effects of lite air to rise where the colors are real and form ripples out of our mouths without effort or even slid between the spaces of moon rabbits and venus flys that we feed with our eyes cant the end be simple but sweet bitter in side of a woman that knows the truth and will not look spoken in shock of a lock or two that is between us presently

presently i know no other but the I i am the I i am is nothing to compare nothing is all i compare her too and critisize of the longing for a freedom for her mine is by the way beloved and beyond free below cold about to rise into the feedom of life in my heart of heat

the whole thing is present the whole net it dead the world of matter is form and shape the net is alive again after a long pause of echoes in the void of interneture and commonclature life is not water must post

Monday, February 07, 2005

knife and fork painting Posted by Hello

painting with a knife Posted by Hello

My picture from last year 2004 Posted by Hello

thoughts on now

  1. I think therefore I know
  2. I know therefore I become
  3. I become therefore I am
  4. I am therefore I exist
  5. I exist therefore I am real
  6. I am real therefore I am realized by myself
  7. actually this is not real just actualized
  8. I do not think therefore I do not know
  9. I do not know therefore I can not become
  10. I can not become therefore I am not
  11. I am not therefore I do not exist
  12. I do not exist therefore I am not real
  13. I am not real therefore I can not be realized
  14. I am not realized therefore I have not been actualized
  15. actually it does not matter what is realized anymore than what is not realized
  16. when do the numbers stop counting out my statements?
  17. when I stop making statements...

yeah clake

  1. clake is seen with jets in eyes sponed one effort effected by the jellybean the belly of God in the very long river of life your in life your out of life it comes from us to you by we the three inside me inside us use us love us be us we are three we are 12 twelve 12 and then is the fifth of five point five.
  2. sick of now sick then going to be sick again yet onward and outward lost wards on the gateway to forever in setting suns and rising ones the two of our is us that love to put the sticky lables in the wrong places and move the cups and furniture where it should not go but despite that belie the lies crisp and clouded slow passage paths not taken forms not folded
  3. Ripped yet solitary and solid sounds of the cricket chirp trip up on the florite spheres of future ideas and crystal spheres of lifes near ripple in times slipping between the situations that become real but only in the mind of the sky box in repetitive rememberance of viewed symboles
  4. be afraid be very afraid they are comming the end is coming again circles of life and death and life like using your mind to know who you are then letting it go they are comming that is real they have come and gone they are gone i am here i am not there i care i can care for i do know how to be real
  5. i think the

loosing myself in the abyss

rhyme reason bliss siting on a miss post of a box in the sky my mind is fine feel the echo chamber remember the poet xoet in a remote loke of pokes and peeks in a fire of my minds eyes into everything really real yet my thoughts make me less real my mind is grey matter explode my explode is burnt on the door of time forever with nothing changing except the lines of power perception and kind vivid valid void oh how do i know you void of time and space in the endless abyss of nothingness how are you true to yourself? rhyme and ryne rhy and sky like endless waves of colores in the dream of life that never ends till one day we forget it ended and still know it wont find out our dream of screems thank the power of echo shapes and tapes of memory broken and shattered on the floor like glass that breaks the mind and breaks the sky with a cloud that can never find its mountain to rain on or sea to be free in the river windes down the hill and a tiger still garaffi and ostrige of others and me you can see you can dream but wake without the time to find what is right in the line of echos or lego of the cosmic egg the came for the chicken called the rooster red and the egg fell off the wall of time in a line that the kings horses ate for lunch and the queen had none but a very wet bell curve of spaces that have not been explored on earth or in the heavens gate to peters place where the water scrapes the stones of time down to nothing the river takes it to the sea and they see the sand in a clear glass jar for it breaks again with the sound of running oil in the engine of my heart broken down from the years of fixes and elixers and pictures lost in the fasination streets of shifting curent cars and boats on my plane of existance that never changes ever changing in lifes eyes